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July 6, 2015
Leerburg Online University
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The Principles of Dog Training with Michael Ellis
with Michael Ellis

This course is for people who are looking to become dog trainers and want to learn from the best in the world. The course will give you the necessary tools to become a successful dog trainer.

This course is modeled after Michael's 2-week obedience intensive class at his school in northern California. The course is comprised of footage from that class, as well as footage from multiple Leerburg DVDs and several trips Michael made to Leerburg.

The course details all the fundamentals of Michael's approach to obedience and the dog/handler relationship, and helps the trainer build the “toolbox” he/she will use throughout the training process. This course thoroughly covers classical and operant conditioning, reward-based teaching systems, and the use of verbal markers for communication. It also focuses on building behavior through luring, spatial pressure, “leash pressure,” and shaping, and we will also discuss the thoughtful introduction of aversives and the creation of motivation in your dog through productive play. We will also cover the foundation for focused heeling and the entire progression of establishing the recall.

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This has been fantastic. I learned so much. All your answers to my questions were simple and yet so, so brilliant!

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Question: My dog growls when we play tug, is this bad?

Hi, I have watched both The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog and Advanced Concepts in Motivation. I am a couple of weeks into implementing the techniques with my own dog and I have a question about growling--is it good or bad that she growls when we tug? If it's a bad thing, how do I address the issue? When I release the tug and run away from her she comes charging back to at me--she will even jump towards me with the toy in her mouth. She growls while we are tugging, while she is jumping at me with the toy in her mouth, and when I hold the toy steady. I don't remember Michael Ellis covering this in the DVDs, but if he did, could you tell me where to find it? Or perhaps there is a relevant article or Q&A that I overlooked on your site. Thank you very much for all the help. The DVDs are great! Worth every penny.

Cindy's Response:

Some dogs are vocal when they play. As long as she is playing well, I wouldn’t worry about it.

It sounds like she’s having a great time. :)

I hope this helps,
Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Flyball Harness

  This is a great economical harness for flyball. My dog runs 3rd, and tends to lunge forward when the other dogs go by her. The handle is perfect for holding her back without shutting her down. I also like the D ring on the top to attach the leash to- many other flyball harnesses I've seen don't have that.
The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers
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