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July 7, 2014
Leerburg Online University - Leerburg's Relationship Games - REGISTER NOW! - Course Begins August 4th, 2014

Interview with Mark Keating

Interview with Mark Keating

Watch this video to find out more on one of Leerburg Online University's instructors, Mark Keating. Mark is currently the course instructor for Leerburg's Relationship Games course. This course is currently accepting students and begins August 4th. Click here for more information.

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Student Comment on the Basic Dog Obedience Course

I'm a big fan of learning anything I can from anyone I can about dogs...especially working dogs. I was hesitant to buy this course because of the word "Basic" in the title. Boy was I wrong. There's something in this course for everyone no matter how well versed you are in training dogs.

Take for instance Chapter 10 of the Week 1 Segment 6 video titled "Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet". On first glance I thought this was going to be very basic in nature. That is until I got to Chapter 10.

Watching the two dogs interact with each other while setting their pack order was priceless. Thank you Ed for sharing your keen experience. Without your narration, I would have missed a lot of learning during this 17 minute segment.

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: I have a few obedience titles on my Havanese but I'm having problems keeping him with me when he's off lead in the show ring. He won't come to me when he's off leash outside. Suggestions?

I have a two year old Havanese. I have a few titles on him, but have problems with him staying with me off lead in the ring. Suggestions and when we are out side, he will not come to me. I need to put a leash on him at all times. Help!!! Thank you

Cindy's Response:

I would first suggest you stop taking him off lead right now, spend some time redefining your training relationship. 

I would start with engagement, which is the foundation of ALL training no matter what discipline you are pursuing.

I'd begin by taking our 2 week engagement class, you can find more info here.

I would then recommend the videos The Power of Training with Food  and Training the Recall

If you are trialing him now, I'd encourage you to put all that on hold.  If you can't call your dog to you when he's off leash outside and he doesn't want to stay with you in the ring then he's not ready for dog shows.

Cindy Rhodes

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Have a question for Ed & Cindy? Try the Leerburg Q&A Search. If you can't find the answer to your question by using our search engine, you can email Cindy here at Leerburg at If you have your spam filter on, make sure you set it to receive our replies!!!

Customer Comments

On Leerburg's How to Break Up a Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt

Thank you so much for your article on how to safely break up a dog fight. I had just finished reading the article when my 5 year old Chow mix attacked one of our other dogs. I grabbed her by the hind legs and did just as the article stated. It worked!! I didn't get bitten! Our chow mix is aggressive with a young stray dog we just adopted. We are starting crate training and obedience training with her. I'm going to purchase a muzzle for her when she walks with our other dogs. Again thank you for the article!

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