July 9, 2015

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This video is taken directly from Leerburg's newest interactive online course titled, “Small Dogmanship - Success for Your Small Dog” with instructor Josh Moran. This is one example of how Josh Moran has made some very simple adjustments to his training plan in order to accommodate a dog with a bit smaller stature.

Josh is a very talented dog trainer who has a passion for small dogs, and more importantly, educating people on how to have a successful working relationship with a smaller dog. In this course, Josh will teach people how to take the same techniques we use with our larger dogs and modify them in order to develop a well-trained small dog.

Most people have heard smaller dogs referred to as ankle bitters, less intelligent, less willing to work, or any of the many stereotypes surrounding small dogs. However, they are all wrong. The goal of this course is to prove all of those stereotypes unfounded. Small dogs are extremely intelligent and full of drive. They have amazing personalities and are some of the most versatile animals on the planet. Small dogs can make very well trained companions, and even great working dogs. They can also compete in a variety of dog sports and perform a wide range or services for people.

This is being offered as a fully interactive course. Throughout the 6 modules, Josh will host live chats and critique student video submissions in order to help you through any obstacles that come up along your training path. Leerburg is very excited to get to work with you and help build a great training relationship with you and your smaller dog.
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My puppy is teething, is there a soft tug I can use for playing with her right now?
I recently started playing tug with my four month old BC. Outside of food it seems that's when I get the most focus out of her when training. It has helped me out tremendously in working on recalls, getting a solid out and building a retrieve (she does not like balls). The problem is now she is teething. Is there a soft enough tug that I can use if I lessen the intensity of the game or any other form of play that you think might be as useful?

Thank You.
Cindy Says:
While pups are teething, I don't really play tug at all. I work on food engagement as shown in The Power of Training Dogs with Food.

I don't want to risk an uncomfortable experience for the pup, simply because I was too impatient to wait for the teething process to be finished. Some people continue to play but I don't. You really can't know how a bit of mouth pain will affect your pup and if the association is made between pain & tugging it may be hard for certain dogs to forget.

I hope this helps.
Cindy Rhodes

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