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Leerburg.com July 13, 2011
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Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy
with Michael Ellis DVD

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Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy with Michael Ellis DVD

Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy with Michael Ellis DVD

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Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy with Michael Ellis Streaming Video

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Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy is a 2 hour and 55 minute video has been in the works for about 2 years.

For the last 10 years, Michael has given seminars 45 weekends a year. Many of the training groups and clubs that Michael taught did not have access to a regular decoy. Over the years Michael developed this training program that allowed his training groups to practice biting skills while he was gone.

Many of the members of these groups have gone on to get Schutzhund and Ring Sport titles. His system has been used on police service dogs, personal protection dogs and even Agility dogs. Many top Agility trainers are learning the value of teaching their dogs advanced tug skills.

This DVD is an in-depth, step by step study of Michael’s system on establishing the foundation of biting skills without a helper or decoy. Trainers only need a friend or family member that will handle a bite wedge, a bite tug or a high value toy to assist them in rewarding correct behavior.

The value of the training methods we show are that the dogs learn correct behavior and capping skills at a lower drive level. In the training steps, Michael explains how to start the training for each skill. He also explains when to add drive and stressors for these various protection skills. When these things are done correctly the work with decoys goes much faster and with fewer mistakes.

This is the 6th DVD in our series of training videos that we have done with Michael Ellis. We assume that the people who want to learn the work in this video know and understand marker training (The Power of Training Dogs with Markers and The Power of Training Dogs with Food). We also must assume that the trainers who wish to do this work know and understand the concepts we teach in our DVD titled The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog. The work in these 3 previous DVDs encompasses 13 ½ hours of work. It would be impossible to include all that in this DVD.

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