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July 15, 2013
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Classical Conditioning - Ivan Pavlov

Classical Conditioning - Ivan Pavlov

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Question: Two of our males bred our female in heat, will the litter be viable?

We breed Coton de Tulear puppies. We have the mother and father. We also have a boy from the first litter. The female is in heat. We were keeping the boy separated but mother and son locked last night. The sire has locked before and after. When the female and sire mate they usually do several times. Is the litter not viable? What do I do???

Cindy's Response:

You'll have to have the litter DNA tested when they are born to determine parentage. It's possible you will have a multi sired litter.  It's possible for both males to get the female pregnant.

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Silver Shade Mesh Tarp

I purchased one of the silver shade mesh tarps in size 10 X 14ft. It is INCREDIBLE> I took my dog to a trial, and we had to park in the full sun, middle of summer. My dogs were in the crates in the car with no fans. I have to tell you, after I put the tarp on the SUV, it stayed amazingly COOL. It was so cool in the car, I was amazed. The dogs and I were both comfortable throughout the whole day. I put the tarp over the car and hung it down on the sides facing the sun (front and sides, so I could leave the back open). I have also used it with our larger sedan, just left the windows open hung the tarp over the top and sunfacing side. To keep it in place I just slammed the edges in the doors. It stayed put. I did use a cheap reflector for the front window of the sedan only, but could easily do without it. It was wonderful. I would never have dared to leave the dogs inside the car in full sun, but with this item, I never hesitate. IT WORKS> If you have any apprehension about buying this for your crates or car, do not worry, it does what it says it does, keeps the car cool.. it is worth EVERY bit of the cost... It has become an indispensible item when traveling with dogs.

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