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Throw Back Thursday: Relationships

Throw Back Thursday: Relationships

Michael Ellis discusses the importance of establishing a relationship with your dog before training. In this short video he discusses the impact a pre-established relationship can have on police dogs prior to training.

Check out Leerburg's Relationship Games Course!

Basic Dog Obedience Online CourseLeerburg's Relationship Games Online CourseTeaching Engagement Skills Online Course
Leerburg Online University

Student Comment on the Basic Dog Obedience

I gained a ton of insight on learning about building a trusting relationship with my dog and being a good pack leader. I now can understand why "engagement" is such a valued skill to teach your dog. its all about building a strong connection with your dog and being able to have them follow you and listen to your commands no matter where you take them. I think socialization is so important and them always looking to you because like you say, they always want what you have and look to you.

Balanced dog training is awesome because you teach the dog through motivation and only use corrections once you know they are 110% sure of the command (using durations and distractions).

I dont have any suggestions other than maybe more short essays at the end of the week to write an example of how your training for that week with a story about your training sessions... and us have access to read others like in the discussion board. Just more live examples of what people are doing wrong so we can learn from that. it helps me to do comparisons.

I really enjoyed how this course is broken up and how we have extra long access. Thank you.

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: We are getting 2 Border Collie puppies and will be training them separately (we've read Ed's article) Should we put a screen between the two pups' pens to keep them from being too "doggy"?

We are getting 2 BC litter mates. I've read Ed's cautions on doing so. We are both experienced dog trainers / handlers and will be training the pups separately, one for each of us, etc. Question: We have outdoor pens for our present 3 BC's and also for the two pups (the latter on our patio under cover as the summer temps here are 100+ daily). Should we put a screen up between the two pups' pens which are next to each other to discourage them from becoming "doggy" or is that taking it too far in this respect and not necessarily as when they are out of the pens, they'll be interacting with each of us one-on-one and not each other?


Cindy's Response:

I wouldn't allow two pups to be in pens side by side without a visual barrier IF they show interest in interacting with each other a lot.  You'll have to decide for yourself whether you need to do this or not.  

Cindy Rhodes



Thanks so much for the quick response.  You guys are THE BEST in putting forth real-life, understandable and usable information!

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Customer Comments
On Leerburg's Leather Dual Purpose K9 Leash
  I have purchased the brown 6ft Duel Purpose K9 Leash. It is one of the most beautiful, handy leashes I have ever owned. It's a quick collar, it's a belt when you don't need it, you can secure the dog quickly. I'm just impressed beyond words. The snap looks small at first until you use the leash and you can see, it slides through the rings and thus, is very adaptable to any situation that calls for a leash. What a superb training tool.    
The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers
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