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  July 18, 2013
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Chuckit! Fanatic

Chuckit! Fanatic

Bring a sporty twist into your games with the Fanatic ball. The Fanatic ball is Chuckit! compatible. The ball (or head) is made from durable natural rubber and the rope is made from a rugged natural cotton. Great for fetch and tug. Colors and styles may vary.

July 18, 2013   |   1 Minutes, 33 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: Will the bark collar shock my dog when he drinks water or chews on a bone?

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing the bark limiter for my 130lb german shepherd. I will be living in a basement apartment where the family above me has a newborn and needs predictable quiet time.

With the collar on, can the dog drink water without the shock? What about chewing a bone?

Thank you for you answers.

Cindy's Response:

Dogs can eat, drink and chew on bones without issue.  If they whine, growl, howl or bark the collar will correct them but ordinary activities should be fine. 

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's K9 GoDog & K9 Carnivore Cookies

I just wanted to write and tell you what GREAT products the K9 GoDog and K9 Carnivore Cookies are. When I had my Malinois spayed she would not eat or drink anything the night after the surgery. I was starting to panic because when she did manage to drink or eat, she would throw it up immediately. I happened to have some K9 GoDog powder and a can of K9 Carnivore Cookies that I had received as a gift from a friend and decided to give them a try. I mixed up the GoDog with water and she lapped it up immediately and kept it down. A half hour later I gave her a Carnivore Cookie which she absolutely LOVED. That night I alternated between the GoDog and the Carnivore Cookies, and the next morning my dog was able to keep her normal dinner down and was acting more like herself. When my 2nd dog was spayed two months later, I immediately gave her the GoDog and Carnivore Cookies. The next morning she was full of energy and practically back to her normal self. I firmly believe that those two products helped my dogs get through their recovery periods quicker by keeping them hydrated and supplying extra vitamins and nutrients that their bodies needed to heal. I have since included several packets of K9 GoDog and a can of K9 Carnivore Cookies in our canine First Aid kit. Thank you for carrying such great products!!

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