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July 21, 2014
Relationship Games with Mark Keating Online Course -- Live Chat Sessions - Multiple-Choice Tests & Essays - Student Forum Discussion - Student Video Uploads - Course Certification! -- 8 Weeks -- $250 -- Starts August 4, 2014 -- Register now before all spots are filled. -- Leerburg Online University

Online Training & What We’ve Learned

Online Training & What We’ve Learned

Last April, Leerburg launched our first fully interactive online course, Leerburg’s Relationship Games with Mark Keating. It was the beginning of a new era in dog training. Over the past several months, we have offered this course four times. Throughout those four 8 week courses we have learned as much about online training as the students have about their dogs. It has been an amazing learning experience for the students, as well as Mark Keating and all of the staff here at Leerburg. This interview with Ed Frawley is going to discuss some of the things that we have learned over the past several months, as well as the changes we have made to the course.

"I really enjoyed the course and I feel like I learned so much.
Thank you very much!" - Alicia

Our Online training format allows us to present and modify the material in a variety of ways to cater to everyone’s unique learning style. At the end of each course, we sit down with Mark Keating to determine what we should modify in the course. We are able to take the commonly asked questions and answer them with short videos that are inserted directly into the course material. Our Live chat with Mark every Monday night has also allowed us to modify the training for each individual dog and trainer’s needs.

In addition, we have added a segment to each week of the course called Peer Learning. In the Peer Learning segment, you will have access to previous students’ demo videos. We chose a variety of videos to illustrate both the correct method and strategies for working through common issues you may run into throughout your training.

“Thank you for running the course and for all the input and feedback over
the last 8 weeks. I have really enjoyed taking part in the relationship games
and have looked forward to each week’s games with excitement.
Mark you make it easy to learn!” - Helen

All in all, the course that will be launching on August 4th will be vastly different from the course we launched back in April. We are extremely excited about this new way to train, and looking forward to adding more courses and improving our students’ overall experience in every possible way. If you have not tried out our online training program, I invite you to check out the courses we are currently offering at We have both fully interactive courses and self-study courses for those of who do not have the time to commit to an interactive course.

Basic Dog Obedience Online CourseLeerburg's Relationship Games Online CourseTeaching Engagement Skills Online Course

Student Comment on the Basic Dog Obedience Course

Thank you for this course! It is great to 'get back in the saddle' again and actively start training my new adult dog. Even my other older dog loves to be involved in training again! Love the approach to marker training as it has been key to engaging and bringing out positive interaction with a hard to engage dog. He coming out by leaps and bounds and am now looking forward to the Engagement course which I have signed up for. Love the online courses! Keep up the good work and Thank You!

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: Would it be alright for my 4 month old German Shepherd to walk quickly next to my bike while I ride it short distances?

Somewhere in your DVDs or written word, I read that one should not jog with a dog younger than 12 months of age. My German Shepherd is 4 months of age and I was wondering if it would be alright to have him walk quickly alongside my bicycle as I ride at a slow speed for short distances? My thought was that it would be good to have him get used to this at a young age so as not to pull me off my bike as he gets older and stronger. I have thoroughly enjoyed your tapes and your written training materials and would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

Cindy's Response:

I would walk the bike and walk him along next to the bike, I wouldn't be riding it yet.

Cindy Rhodes



Thanks for your help! That is one option I did not consider.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

  We have used the medium sized bowels for both food and water since 2009 for a 65lb German Shepherd and they are really nice. As advertised, these bowls are thick and very well made. You just can´t beat stainless for easy cleaning and a bacteria free surface. My bowls are in a VERY salty sea air environment where metal quickly oxidizes and these bowls remain rust free (Yes, stainless can rust if cheaply made). We am about to purchase two more as we add another dog to our family. We would not consider buying any other bowl for our dogs to use.    
The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers
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