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Nighttime Fun & Safety

Nite Dawg LED Leash - $17.49

Nite Dawg LED Collar - $17.49MeterLight Ball - $12.992in Reflective Ultra Tracking Harness - $9.95

Reflective Service Dog Vest - $54.99

Orbee Glow for Good Ball - $9.95

Nighttime Dog Gear

Nighttime Dog Gear

Walking and playing with your dog in the dark can be a very dangerous situation. Here at Leerburg we want to ensure all dog owners have the right equipment to stay safe with their dogs at night. Check out all of the glow in the dark, reflective, and lighted products we carry here at Leerburg.

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Student Comment on the Teaching Engagement Skills

I am just finishing up the beginner Heeler's Toolbox class, and looking forward to the intermediate class. Before doing this interactive class I did the self study Teaching Engagement Skills with Forrest. Even though my dog and I had been doing many of the things that were in both classes, these classes have been educational and FUN. I live in the black hole of dog training so being able to access training like this is super for me. One benefit is that the classes help keep me on track, keep my training correct, exciting, and fun as I have to work by myself most of the time. I would strongly encourage all levels of dog folks to take advantage of Leerburg University! Five thumbs up!

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: My puppy growls at me when I put my hand in his food bowl while he's eating. Should I interrupt his meal and give the food back when he stops growling?


I always feed my puppy who is 18 weeks old now, from my hand during his training sessions. I use kibbles. Once in a while I pour wet food (high value food to him) to his bowl but he growls at me when I stick my hand in it. He does not do that when I pour kibbles to his bowl.

Should I interrupt his wet food meal and feed him again after he stops growling?

Cindy's Response:

I don't bug my dogs when they are eating. I think it causes more problems in the relationship.

I would either feed him the wet food by hand (even though it's messy) or I would feed him and leave him alone. I like to develop a relationship based on trust and by harassing dogs when they are eating you are giving him reason to be uneasy.

As your training relationship progresses you could practice calling him away from his bowl to give him something even MORE valuable. I choose my battles, I like to set myself and my puppy up for success. I've also never had a puppy grow up to be food aggressive and I've raised my pups to know once I give them food or a bone it's theirs. I may call them to me away from it but I don't reach in and take it away until much later when our relationship is adequately developed. By the time my dogs are adults I can take food from their mouths if I need to but it's because of the history of fairness in how they've been handled around valuable resources.

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments
On Leerburg's Educator K9-400TS Tactical E-Collar 3/4 Mile Remote Dog Trainer
  After reading all the information on the Leerburg site on electronic collars I made the decision to return my newly purchased Dogtra collar from another vendor and bought the Educator from Leerburg. Oh. My. Goodness. The difference in size between the receivers is shocking. The Dogtra collar is HUGE. My Golden Retriever looked like she was carrying a small travel trunk around her neck. The Educator collar works equally well and it's less than half the size. I also like the ergonomics of the the Educator transmitter better. The stop watch design of the transmitter is genius - very intuitive. The only issue I have with the 400TS Educator model is that for a woman with smaller hands the transmitter is a little larger than I would like. As a result I am returning this model and buying the Educator Mini - same features, a little less distance - 1/2 mile instead of 3/4 mile - but after watching the Michael Ellis Ecollar DVD I realized that a 1/2 mile is more than adequate. As he says - your dog is rarely beyond a hundred yards away from you when training. I measured a half mile on my property and it was much farther than I needed. I highly recommend that you buy the Michael Ellis Ecollar training video if you purchase any correction collar. It frightens me to think of the things I didn't know regarding training with a correction collar before watching this video. I highly recommend this collar for normal sized or larger hands and think the mini slightly better for smaller hands.    
The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers
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