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Leerburg.com August 1, 2011
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2010 FMBB Schutzhund Championships

2010 FMBB Schutzhund Championships
in Cottbus, Germany

FMBB = Federation Mondiale Du Berger Belge = World Federation Of Belgian Shepherd Dogs

August 1, 2011 | 10 Minutes

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Leerburg Q&As

Dog Bite

To view these dog bite photos, click here.
Warning: these photos are very graphic!

We are always looking for photos of people who have been bitten by their dogs while trying to break up a dog fight. If you send us photos and the story on how the accident happened we will put them on our website with the hope that your mistakes will help other people realize how dangerous it is to try and break up a dog fight the wrong way.

Dog Bite:

I had two dogs That both were not neutered. I had Grizz, a 15 pound Shiba Inu since he was 3 months old. When Grizz was 3 years old I introduced him to a new puppy who was never quite right (I thought he was abused). We named the new puppy Alamosa. I also had 3 other dogs that were all Shiba Inus, but they were neutered or females. As Alamosa got older he challenged Grizz. They were trying to establish who was alpha. I broke up one fight that was not that bad. I had a pretty good bite on my arm and finger. I kept the dogs separate till I could get the dogs fixed. On July 4th the little Shiba Inu, Grizz got out of the room. He started to run to the back door, Alamosa thought he was coming after him. He picked Grizz up by the neck and started swinging him in circles. I panicked and didn't know what to do. My 50 pound dog was going to kill my 15 pound dog.. At first I picked Alamosa up and he dropped Grizz, but then Grizz jumped and was biting Alamosa I lost balance and fell. Then Alamosa again had Grizz by the neck.. I had Alamosa in a head lock and my hand in his mouth to keep him from biting all the way down on the little dog. I was hitting Alamosa in the head to get him to release, but he only fought harder. I also tried to pry his jaw open but it would not budge. I ended up pulling the little dog from Alamosa's mouth and throwing him out the front door. Alamosa did not try and go after the other dogs nor did they try and interfere. Alamosa did not have a scratch on him. My other dog was covered in blood. I thought it was his blood. I did not even know I was bleeding until I got to my parents house and realized my meat was hanging out of my arm. My dad drove Grizz to the Emergency Vet. Grizz had a superficial wound while I had to get five stitches. It would have been more if they stitch all dog wounds. Not only did I have a good 60 bite marks on my arms and hands but I also got bit on my foot and ribs. 

I had Grizz stay at my parents and Alamosa with me. I got both dogs neutered thinking this would solve the issue. I moved and my friend took Mosa. They had him 4 months. I went to check on Alamosa and he was starved and who knows what else. He was always a shy dog and was never social (even though he was always around people). I took Alamosa back and continued to keep him away from Grizz cause they would still challenge each other through the glass door. Then yesterday Alamosa was in the back yard and Grizz managed to get out. Alamosa went straight after Grizz. My mom had Alamosa by the hind quarters trying to pick him up. He would not release Grizz. I tried to pry his jaw open and it didn't work. I then put a metal stick in the back of Alamosa's jaw. He bit it in half. I had to hit Alamosa with a 2 by 4 for him to let go. We separated the dogs and they were both fine. They bit through one of my moms nails, and I have 5 small bites on my fingers. Now I feel I have to put Alamosa to sleep. I have tried to get him used to other people but it doesn't work. He growls and snaps at everyone. Even people he once knew. It is hard cause he is a GREAT dog, but only with me. He knows tons of tricks and is obedient with me. I can't trust him with other people or animals and can't take the risk of him hurting anyone or anything else.

See the photos.

Ed's Response:

Many people (vets included) feel that neutering an adult dog will change its dog aggression. They are 100% wrong. This is born out by the fact that a lot of very good police service dogs come from working dog breeders and are only sold because they have one testicle. These dogs are neutered after they are 2 years old and do not lose any aggression.

The only way neutering has any effect on aggression is if it is done around 6 months old.

In your case the safest way to manage dogs like this is with TWO DOG CRATES. One dog will always have to be in his crate when the other is out. Locking them in separate rooms is too dangerous. It’s too easy for one to slip by when you or someone else opens the door – but then you already found that out the hard way.

Your dog that growls and snaps at people needs to learn that this is inappropriate behavior. You can counter condition the dog through the use of markers and jack potting high value treats every time a new person is around. This gets done to the point where a new person means good treats for the dog. Of course no on touches this dog – or looks at the dog or talks to the dog.  This work can be practiced on your walks where the dog encounters other people.

If this approach doesn’t work then you will need to work with our dominant dog collar.When the dog shows inappropriate aggression his front feet are lifted off the ground and he is told to “KOCK IT OFF.” This is explained in detail in my DVD titled Dealing with Dominant & Aggressive Dogs.

I hope this helps.

Ed Frawley

This Week's Featured
Question & Answers

Question: I have 2 puppies and they sleep in their crates all night without accidents. During the day they do not tell me when they need to go out even though I’ve put bells on the door for them to ring. What am I missing?

I have two maltipoo puppies. One is 7 months old, one is 8 months. I am still having trouble getting them house trained. They are in the crate at night and sleep all night without accidents. They are taken out first thing in the AM and usually both go pee and poop. Once they eat, they are taken out again within the hour. Sometimes they will both go pee and poop again... sometimes just one will. Here is the problem. They do NOT tell me when they have to go out. I have them confined to the family room, kitchen, mud room area. I always let them out through the mud room door. I've hung bells on the door which they WILL use intermittently ( the older dog is better at it than the younger one). I have two young kids and two puppies so there are times when I'm distracted. Too often I will walk into the mud room and there is a pile or a puddle and they have not rung the bells. What am I missing? When we go out I ring the bells and say "outside potty" and then when they void outside I say "good potty."


It’s unrealistic to expect puppies to tell you when they need to go out. While some will, expecting them to tell you is just not realistic.

When I am house training a puppy, if I can’t keep eyes and attention on them they go in a crate or an exercise pen. Controlling the environment is the most effective way to create good habits. We have a section on the website about house training.

By allowing them to use the mud room as a bathroom you are letting them practice the wrong habits. You are allowing them way too much freedom.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on House Training.


Question: I've watched The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog and my Malinois loves to tug. The problem is she is biting my hands while tugging. How can I show her the proper way?

Hello Cindy. Hope all is well with you.

I emailed you from Afghanistan about my female Mal, who is now 14 months old, about her eating her poop. Thanks for the nutritional advice on that; your advice was spot on. Now I have another question. When I play tug with her, she bites my hands (I am sure inadvertently) right by my thumb and forefinger. I have tried widening my grip, but eventually she still bites it. I really do not think she is doing it on purpose. She is very intense about tugging or the ball.

How can I show her the proper way? I have watched the Michael Ellis video on The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog, but I did not see him address this. Any help is appreciated, as always.

Cindy's Response:

If your dog is consistently biting your hands it's either a targeting issue on the dog's part (in which case I would go back and work on targeting basics again) or you may be moving the tug too much before she locks onto her target, which will cause the dog to bite your hands.

If she's biting the tug and then munching her way down the item to then bite your hands, don't let her stay on the bite that long. Let her bite, brief tugging session (BRIEF, several seconds) and then OUT.

If she is still continuing to do this and you are sure it's not a mechanical error on her part or your part, then I would NO mark it the moment she bit you and I would stop the game.

Make sure to use your duration word (I use GOOD) when the dog is biting in the correct place so she knows that's what you want.

You should realize that watching the tug video is great, but you may need to go back and study certain sections more than once (in fact that's the recommended way to view these videos).

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Playing Tug with Your Dog.


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