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Puppy Bite Development with Michael Ellis & Favor

Puppy Bite Development with Michael Ellis & Favor

In this short session, Michael is introducing the foundation skills 11 week old Favor will need to prepare her for a career in protection sports. Favor's parents are Endeavor du Loups du Soleil MR1 (owned by Forrest Micke) and Escobar du Cote Obscur FR3 (owned by Chad Hunter).

Leerburg Online University Student Comment

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

I have learned so much about Pack structure, I have owned "good" dogs all my adult life. They were easy learners and offered little training challenges, plus they were natural pack members. I somehow manuevered myself into a situation of pack leader, but I have learned a more direct method from your class. I wish I had follwed your program when we first adopted our Stella two years ago. Our new girl is a definte challenge! She would have adjusted much more quickly to us and our environment if she could have done so from the safety of her crate. She came with a lot of inappropriate behaviors due to her fears of people and situations. She is a "hard" dog who is also extremely energetic.

Although, I had a little knowlege of clicker training, your DVD has helped me so much to refine my technique and make it work for Stella. She is an eager learning, but I wasn't delivering the message. I can see all kind of possibilities for her as we now share a common language. Ready, Yes, No, good and done!!!! Five simple words! Motivation and drive techniques were appreciated too. My timing and hand positions are areas that still need further refinement, but I know what to do now!!

Carefully, I followed your instructions on using a prong collar, especially helpful to someone who was not familiar with how to use it. Now, I know how to correct, by stopping, and rewarding her when she looks back at me. I never pull her leash, but use verbal commands to change direction. I want you to know she is so much better. As a rescue, she had an large audience--her former foster was absolutely amazed at her progress when she walked back to her doggy play group a week ago. She remarked to everyone, Stella is a different dog!!!! So, thank you so much!!!!

My self confidence is so much more, because I feel I have learned so much. I know what direction to take, and can offer solutions to a problem. Thank you for offering this class. And once again, thank you for helping so many dogs avoid the tragedy of being put down and surrendered, you are performing a great service.

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: I am thinking about using a remote collar to help with training our aggressive dog, but there are so many opinions on the internet, I'm not sure if it is a good idea. What are your thoughts?

Dear Mr. Frawley and Cindy,

Our two-year old rescue dog -- female boxer-staffordshire terrier mix -- has attacked several times our four-year-old female boxer, drawing blood and costing us thousands in stitches and training.

We have been crating and rotating them for six months and gone through three trainers, who basically gave up and said our rescue girl needed to be in a one-dog home. We've tried to place her, but no luck despite national and local website postings. So, she's here to stay, and we love her, besides. Our current trainer did not initially recommend electronic collars for teaching our girls not to fight, but he now says that it is what's required. So, I purchased a Dogtra dual system e-collar from Leerburg -- the 280NCP.

The owner's manual for the Dogtra 280NCP "does not recommend using the e-collar to correct dogs that [sic.] are aggressive toward other dogs or people" -- that they can become more aggressive.

Please advise. Opinions on the internet are all over the map on using this device. Our vet thinks that the e-collar could be a good solution. I am confused and exhausted and running out of options.

Thanks so much.

Ed's Response:

You are absolutely correct about the fact that there are so many opinions on the internet. I am sure people can find the supporting web site opinions for or against almost any subject. That is certainly true about dog training and remote collars.

I tell people that remote collars are the greatest dog training tool ever invented, they are also the most abused dog training tool ever invented.

Unfortunately many people have opinions on how to train but they lack experience and give out bad information. Not because they intend to, just because they don’t know any better.

Learning to use one correctly takes time and training. I bought my first collar (a Tri Tronics Pro 100 for $1,000.00) in 1979. When I stop and think about the things I did to my dogs back then I feel bad. Sorry to say I abused them.

Today we have a system that is fair to the dog and when it is introduced correctly the dog gives us behavior changes (which is what we want).

The bottom line on correction is the purpose of a correction is not to punish a dog for bad behavior, the purpose of a correction is to change behavior. A big difference in thinking here. Some dogs only need the lowest level of stimulation from a remote collar for a behavior change, whole other need a very serious high level correction. Some dogs look at the handler raising their voice as a correction and a remote collar would be abusive.

So back to your issue.

When an untrained dog is stimulated with a remote for dog aggression the offending dog will assume the stimulation came from the other dog and fight harder. That’s why it is vital to introduce the collar correctly. That means the dog needs to 110% understand that the stimulation comes for YOU and nothing else. Not a land mine in the ground, not the tree its standing next to and most certainly not the other dog.

When a dog understands a command like LOOK (look at me) and the handler is 200% sure he understands, the handler can give a LOOK command when the dog is distracted by another dog. When the dog doesn’t LOOK the handler simply says NO – LOOK – stimulation. The goal is for the dog to understand that it is getting a correction for not looking and that correction is coming from YOU.

But to get to that point the handler needs to go through the foundation training. We have produced three DVDs on using a remote collar. You need them. Michael Ellis' two DVDs go into more detail than the one I did.

With that said the short term solutuion to your problem is to manage the dogs differently. I recently produced a short video on Management for one of our recent newsletters. It’s free to watch if you can watch streaming video on your computer. Good management is just as important as good obedience training when it comes to living with a dog. You dropped the ball on this.

Get two dog crates and use them. We have dogs at our home that could never be together. We simply manage them through the use of the dog crates and an outside kennel to keep them separated.

Maybe you want to consider the work in Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Dog as well.

Ed Frawley

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On Leerburg's Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Prong Collar

  Love. Lived with SS Herm Sprenger collars of traditional colour for decades and I'm not quite sure why it took me so long to purchase in black. This collar is stealth on a black or dark dog which nicely helps avoid "the dreaded prong collar" conversation with those that don't actually have to live with your dog. Very durable.    
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