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August 12, 2013
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Team Leerburg

Leerburg's Tough Mudder Team

On July 20th, 2013 nine men and women made up TEAM LEERBURG for a TOUGH MUDDER marathon in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. The team was composed of Leerburg employees along with several of the soldiers (and their family members) that Jeff served with in Iraq and Afghanistan. Everyone had a great time running the 11 mile 28 obstacle course. We took great photos and put them into a short slide show. We have the deepest respect for Grant Blaeser who made it through 8 miles of the event before his prosthetic leg gave out and he was forced to retire. Grant lost his leg in Afghanistan. Men and women like Grant put the word TOUGH in TOUGH MUDDER.

August 12, 2013   |   4 Minutes

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: Do you have a snap lock collar for the Einstein ecollars instead of the regular buckle collar? Our dog jumps and bites us anytime we try to approach him so we are having a hard time putting collars on him.

Hi Cindy,

We purchased an Einstein ET300 Mini Ecollar from you a few months ago, and the collar that goes around the dog's neck is made like a belt. We were wondering if you have a collar that would fit through the Einstein ET300 Collar that snaps (like many cat collars are made) in place instead of buckles. This dog is a hard dog, and despite the commands that he knows, insists on fighting the buckling part of the Ecollar when we put it on him. In fact, he jumps and bites in play anytime we approach him, and so this makes it very difficult to get this Ecollar on him. If we had a collar for the Einstein ET300 that snapped together, this would make it a lot less stressful for us and also for the dog.

Thank you very much, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Cindy's Response:

I would recommend working on taking more control of your dog during this process. I would use marker training to teach putting collars on and off in a respectful way. I would have a leash and dominant dog collar on him and would expect him to remain seated and calm while I put the ecollar on and off. I would practice this in itself as a training exercise. I would put the collar on and off the dog many times in a row and only end the session when he behaves calmly. I would do this multiple times a day and at times where I had no plans on actually using the collar.

This is actually leadership & respect issue. I expect my dogs to remain calm for me to put collars on and off, wipe their feet, look at their teeth, etc...

This is more about the relationship you have with the dog and not about him being stressed out. He's trying to control the situation.

If you have not viewed Pack Structure for the Family Pet in the past, I would highly recommend it.

At this time, we do not have a snap lock collar for our ecollars. There may be one out there that fits, but I'm not aware of it.

I hope this gives you a place to start working on this.

Cindy Rhodes


Thank you, Cindy. What you suggested makes a lot of sense. I know the dog is trying to control me and I don't want to go to war with him. I want him to respect my dominance as the leader of the pack so that doesn't happen. Like I said, he is a hard dog. I will be measuring his neck so I can order a dominant collar and hopefully, that will do the trick. He already has a prong collar on him, and in walking on a leash it works quite well. In other things not so well. I will try your suggestion and hope for the best.

Thank you for your advice.

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Electric Collar Training, Q&A on Marker Training or our Q&A on Pack Structure.

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On Leerburg's dog training & equipment advice

Dear Ed & Cindy, 

I have been following you both for a long time and find your information very valuable. I share your website will all my clients and people I meet that need good solid advice about dog equipment and dog training. Thank you for all you do.... 

Kindest regards, 

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