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August 18, 2014
Leerburg's 2014 Garage Sale

Duncan The Two-Legged Pup

Duncan The Two-Legged Pup

Take a look inside the inspirational life of a puppy who may look a little different, but really isn't that different after all.

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Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

I think it's learning to be fair, fair to the dog by opening up yourself to learn, learning to understand how a dog thinks, reacts, learns and then teach yourself how to teach the dog! I found Ed and Cindy's acting on how to train dogs using people entertaining ... and I tried it on my 27 year old daughter, and it worked! That in itself taught me volumes. I actually think practicing on people has real value, understanding how to figure out what the other wants without words and TIMING ... from Yes to waiting 1.5 second and then reward ... that's tricky and it was difficult for me initially. Understanding management of the dog and how the behavior of the dog is greatly impacted on what kind of a teacher you are, and the philosophy that motivates your training. And, finally being fair in correction; making sure that you have fulfilled your responsibility in being educated, patient and consistent in training, that the dog 110% understands what is expected of him, then and only then correcting as necessary, not fueled by emotion.

I have studied your website for months, read, read, read, and read, submitted questions and received valuable answers, I've gained a tremendous amount of knowledge just by reading your site, I didn't expect so much more information in this online class, I am already revisiting weeks 1-5 just to take notes and I just purchased a streaming video .... the years of knowledge you make available for dog owners like me is truly a gift.

The video of Cindy in the Mondio Ring (2) with Rush, was incredible, thank you for sharing that ... although that is not a goal of mine, you could see and sense Cindy's accomplishment, her efforts and talent, that was a incredible to watch.

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: If I order the Nosework Scent Kit and run out of prepared swabs how do I prepare new ones?

Hi. When I order your Nosework Scent Kit and I run out of the pre-prepared swabs, how do I prepare new ones? I've heard to put a drop of the scent directly on each swab or put a drop on a cotton ball and put the cotton ball and new swabs in a container for 24 hours. Which method do you think is best? Thanks.

Ed's Response:

This comes down to where your dog is at in training.  A trained dog with experience may only need swabs that have been scented with a cotton ball and one drop of scent.

A new dog probably needs more odor and a stronger scented swab.

When you say “A DROP” I would use a very very small drop. Like a drop from an insulin needle – not a drop from a dropper.

Your goal needs to be to train your dog to recognize odor and follow it to a FIND. If you use super strong scents in training and then go to a trial and they use lightly scented swabs your dog may have problems. So test your dog – every now and then throw a heavily scented swab with a big drop but train with lightly scented items.

When I worked as a K9 handler we would try to expose our dogs to LARGE qualities of drugs every now and then just so the dogs got used to a lot of odor and they would know what to do.

So use your head and think outside the box and you will have a better trained dog that’s ready for whatever it faces.

Good luck.

Ed Frawley

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Comfort Flex Limited Slip Collar

  I have searched for nearly 1 year with no satisfactory results until today for just such a "tab" for indoor use. My puppy is 14 months old and is very lively, I cannot catch her in the house and had to resort to short standard leashes which she dragged around with her and which got stuck under the furniture. Finally, you solved the problem. I ordered one of the black and brown. l shall keep your your ad on file. Thank you!    
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