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2014 Photo Contest Highlights

2014 Photo Contest Highlights

Check out the finalists of this year's photo contest along with all the submissions!

Leerburg Online University Student Comment

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

In my opinion the most important aspect of balanced dog training is forming a bond with your dog though Marker Training and once you have got that when all the training learned from this course will fall into place and the bond will become even stronger through trust and direction while working with your dog. Sure you can train a dog without a bond but it is a fear based training then it isn’t trained out of trust and devotion. I want my dog to want to work not only for me but with me. And you must make it enjoyable for your dog because that makes it happen. Dogs want to please. I have been done with this course for almost a week now and have found the tests to be much easier than the essay. I can’t seem to find how to put into words what I feel I have learned from this class.

I can say back in my earlier years I was a crank and yank trainer of my dogs and I find the Marker method to be so much more effective and a much quicker achievement of the asking task you are training your dog to do. This course has helped me to lay out the foundation for my own training schedule and steps of not only to train my dogs but to help others to train theirs. And when you say you hope those who watch this get the bug for more well I have the bug and am hoping there are more courses for me to take so I can continue to learn as much as I can.

I feel I learn everyday either by trial and error or from other dog people and I find knowledge as power and I want as much knowledge on dog training as I can get. A person does not realize how much engagement is the utmost important thing to get and once you have worked with it you realize how much harder it is to work without it. I strive to get engagement with my dogs before the session begins ALWAYS and if I can’t get it I learned to wait until later when I have it. It works so much better when the engagement is there.

I know I need to work on the actions of my motions since during this course you said physical outweigh verbal. And oh how true that is now that I pay attention to it, which makes 100% sense when you think about it. I did do the trick of turning my back on my dog and telling her to sit and realized she didn't understand right away. We since worked on that and now does it whether I am facing her or I have my back to her. Thank you for that tip. I will never forget the ones I got wrong in the test they will be forever remembered. I learn kind of the same way. I don’t want to be wrong I want the reward so I will always remember that the size of the treat matters need to be small and easy to eat so they can get back to training and management is what you do first to try and stop your dog from pulling and not every dog will need a correction.

I hope after taking this course and am confident it will give me the ability to be the best not only dog trainer but dog owner for my own dog and for other dogs. Thank you so much for this course and am looking forward to more. Again Thank you for sharing your Knowledge I am always wanting to learn when it has to do with dogs and training. I truly enjoyed the course hope there are more to come.

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: My dog is dog aggressive after being attacked. Would using an electric collar help with his situation?

I have a 130lb Great Dane who is dog aggressive after being attacked. It is not with every dog, but everyday he does do it. I have tried every option but he is intent on getting to the other side. He doesn't listen and it is very quick before he's in red zone. It's a battle to restrain him, nothing will snap him out of it. Could an electric collar work? If so, which one do you suggest? Also, have you ever known a dog not to respond to an electric collar? I am worried if this does not work that there is no hope left for him.

Ed's Response:

I have known dogs whose handlers used the remote collar incorrectly that learned to ignore stimulation from remote collars.

I tell people like yourself that remote collars are the greatest dog training tools ever invented but they are also the most abused dog training tools ever invented.

I have produced three DVDs that teach people how to introduce their dog to remote collars, they explain how to determine what level of stimulation to use and then how to employ them in day to day training.

We use the Educator ET300 Mini Remote Trainer on our dogs.  

The biggest mistake new trainers make is to simply slap a new remote on a dog and take it out and start pushing the button to stop behavior the handler doesn’t like. They start by putting the dog in a highly distracting environment and then start stimulating the dog when it does something they don’t like.  That’s not how to use a remote collar.

The problem you face is more difficult because of the size and strength of your dog combined with the environment you putting him in. We prefer to train with low level stimulation. But there are times when that is not the most effective way to solve a problem. You are in a serious PROBLEM SOLVING situation.

What we would do with a dog like yours is to make sure the dogs obedience is 110% in a distraction free environment. We would do what we needed to do to walk the dog in areas where there are no other dogs. When the obedience was finished we would introduce the dog to the remote exactly like we teach in our DVDs.

Once that was done we would slowly introduce distractions with the end goal being to expose him to other dogs from a distance. At that point we would adjust the stimulation level to a point that produced a behavior change. This is the most important concept for you to master. A correction is not meant to punish a dog – it is meant to get a behavior change. New trainers totally miss this. You have trainers who OVER CORRECT and UNDER CORRECT rather than focus on behavior change. My 12 year old Shit-Zu only needs a raised voice to get a behavior change putting a remote on her would be animal abuse.

In the short term this dog needs to have a muzzle – we sell wire  muzzles that dogs can drink in and accept quicker. This is a MUST.

In the end you may need to do all the preliminary work about and then get a local expert. The problem is anyone can hang a shingle on their door and call themselves a dog trainer. Finding people that really understand dog aggression is difficult to impossible because EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION and few have the experience.

Ed Frawley

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's 2-Handle Leather Prong Collar Leash

  I have owned this leash for about five years now... I love it as much today as I did the first day I purchased it. It has broken in beautifully and there is no wear and tear on it. When it gets smelly I wipe it down with a Clorox wipe and then apply a leather protector on it. It has literally saved my dog from running into the road several times. I use a plastic prong along with her regular leather collar. The plastic prong has a safety feature that if she pulls too hard, it snaps open (to prevent choking). Due to the fact that this leash has two clips, one clip stayed on the leather collar, preventing her from running away from me, and into the road. I also love the traffic handle. I use that when we approach other dogs, or when we are waiting at a traffic light. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LEASH!!!!    
The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers
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