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  September 5, 2013
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Top-Matic Magnet Training Systems for Dogs

Top-Matic Magnet Training Systems for Dogs
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Top-Matic was designed by renowned dog trainers. The world's best master trainers -World champions- helped developed and substantially tested Top-Matic. Top-Matic guarantees that only the highest quality of materials is used under the highest regards of animal and human safety.

The Top-Matic Training System is self-motivating and allows the handler to reward the dog exactly to the point. You will recognize and see the success of this system after only a few training sessions! Whether you are in the dog sport, playing, or simply going hiking with your four-legged friend, this unique magnet ball system allows you to reward your dog to your liking in every situation.

September 5, 2013   |   3 Minutes, 32 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: My dog is bored when home alone, she gets into things while I'm gone. Any ideas on how to stop this?

My 2 y.o. German shepherd female is getting bored when at home alone... even if just for a few minutes. She gets plenty of exercise and eats well. She is a very high drive working dog. Any thoughts on things I can do to curb this undesirable behavior? I have taken video while I'm gone and some of the things she does : she dumps the laundry, chews on a brush, takes a kids permission slip, and chews a couple foam ornaments. 

Cindy's Response:

I wouldn't allow a dog that does this to be loose in my home without supervision. 

I'd have a safe place for her to be when I was out and provide plenty of interactive treat toys to give her something suitable to do. 

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Prong Collar

I bought this collar to replace another more expensive brand collar that had gotten lost (won't mention the name, but I'm sure you can guess). I wish I had purchased this one sooner. I wound up finding my lost 'expensive' collar, and now it sits unused. The Leerburg collar seems to fit better, the links seem sturdier, and this one has never come apart during walks, running, or (most importantly) while doing bite work with my dog. I still always use a backup collar, but I'll never buy the so-called high-end pricey prong collars again. Now, if Leerburg would only put out a stainless steel model...

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