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September 8, 2014

Two Options for Online Learning

Two Options for Online Learning

Ed Frawley discusses the differences between the types of courses offered and what makes them so fantastic.

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Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

Ed, I have more of a statement to say then a question. I have a 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd and a 14 week old one. With the oldest one I did what you said many people do. I took her to obedience classes to try and fix the management and pack structure problems in her that were created because I did not understand. My husband was working out of state and it was just she and I most of the time. Lets just say she had me trained well. What I want to say here is that I purchased several of the DVDs you have produced and watched them over and over. You teach with such clarity that it makes a novice like me able to really understand. It is so exciting to see our new puppy growing up with us implementing what we have learned from you. He was crate trained within 2 days. He gives me such quick and intent eye contact it is almost startling. I have finished the first week of this class and am really looking forward to what I will be learning in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us at such a reasonable price.

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Question: I am working my GSD in tracking right now and had a question on corners, I was wondering what your thoughts are.

I am working my GSD in tracking right now and had a question on corners, I was wondering what your thoughts are. I went out with an RCMP handler and watched him do some tracking practice. When his dog would overshoot a corner he would start circling the dog. I started to use this in my own training with my dog when she would give me a negative. I then went out with my local club and after they watched this I was told not to do this as the dog should find the track again on her own so I should just not move and leave her be. I tried this method but she seemed to "give up" when she could not relocate the track. What are your thoughts on starting the dog circling when they give a negative?

Ed's Response:

I assume you know that I have done three DVDs with the RCMP. They are the very best that there is in North America for S&R dogs and police service dogs.

I coined the phrase that the style of training is TRACKING THRU DRIVE.

This is totally different than sport tracking. Sport tracking is 100% obedience. In my opinion it has nothing to do with tracking a scent. Sport people who lack experience will try and argue this point.

You need to analyze your problem. Is it a drive problem or another problem?

If I were to have issues on corners I have to consider wind, terrain, and motivation levels. You need to consider what the dog's motivation is to track. If a dog simply quits – what does that say about the motivation level to follow the track? Not much. You can do things like give the dog a better reward (each dog is different) and/or make the track easier. The corner can turn into the wind, the track leg can be double or triple laid after the corner, the article can be 15 feet past a corner. Etc. Etc.

If a dog has corner problems you should work on that until its is fixed. Stick with easy terrain, don’t stretch the age, etc.

When the dog comes to a corner, the handler should stop and stand there. Don’t allow the dog to move past the corner. The dog should also be 100% comfortable tracking on a very short leash with the handler by his side and at the end of a long line and everything in between.

Often times handlers freak out when a problem shows up. Bad idea. There is a lot to gain from letting a dog work out the problem even if it takes time. When that happens the dogs learn to relax and work and not worry about the handler doing something stupid.

I also think there isn’t anything wrong with walking a dog off an article after the turn and taking it back down the track and letting it track to the corner and go to the article again when it gets another reward (from the handler). What does that hurt? Nothing.

So bottom line is no one can tell you what to do with your dog. There are too many variables.  Each issue is related specifically to that dog, on that day of training.

Ed Frawley

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Eezwalker Harness


The Eezwalker harness is (finally) what I've been searching for and is as advertised; simple, easy and quick to put on or take off. It really fits our 55 lb, black lab and is adjustable exactly where it needs to be. Unique design characteristics ensure comfort and a precise personalized fit. Specifically, this harness has stopped choking and prevents any pressure on her throat.

Eezwalker has resolved the question of who is in charge. Walking is an entirely different experience with this harness, allowing more freedom and ease for each of us us. Now, we walk together; no more tug of war or defiance! I will be purchasing another for our 80# pit bull. Thanks for a great product!

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