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Hero Dogs Of 9/11 Legacy

Hero Dogs Of 9/11 Legacy

Ten years after the World Trade Center attack, the working dog community comes together to honor the dog teams that worked at Ground Zero.

Leerburg Online University Student Comment

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

My name is Paul and i just want to thank you! I have just completed your online course in Basic Dog Obedience and it's been a real game changer! I've loved dogs since I can remember and have always been fascinated by the relationships that are possible! I am now pursing a career in dog training while also working at a doggy daycare facility. Your course helped me become a balanced dog trainer. Just watching Dog Whisperer videos only gets you so far. I had stepped out and was training a handful of clients dogs, but was just kinda trying things and seeing if they worked. I'm using food rewards even more now thanks to your focus on operant conditioning and the results are remarkable! I'm leaping full force now that I can say I'm certified! I was hesitant to admit I was a dog trainer because I hadn't been certified in a tried-and-true method. I also couldn't afford most of the expensive online dog training colleges and wasn't sure how reliable a lot of the internet dog training videos were. Your experience and your affordability have literally change my life. I can now say I'm certified in Leerburg dog training methods and it helps give me the confidence to pursue my passion for training and a better relationship with dogs, especially my newly adopted dog Roxy! Once again thank you for pursing your own passion to the point that it's overflowed and spread to countless other dog lovers! God bless.

Your grateful student,

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: My rescued dog grabs my forearm in his mouth and clamps down, usually when we are leaving the house for a walk. Besides a muzzle is there anything you can recommend?

My question concerns my rescued Malinois. I have no info regarding his breeding or origins. He came into rescue after being treated for a broken leg (right femur shattered - his previous owner did not treat, and it healed on its own). He was crated continuously for 24 hours and given one walk per day. He was not fed properly, and was wormy when rescued. He has been neutered within the past month. He is approximately 1 year old.

Given what he has been through, he is a good boy. He has some issues, as expected, but only one major problem I would like help with. He will grab my forearms and clamp down on them, and when he starts this behavior it is difficult to stop him. He is not angry or frightened, just determined to grab. This behavior occurs during walking, usually just after leaving the house. I have purchased a muzzle for the short term, but would like a long term and non bruising solution for this problem. Thanks!

Cindy's Response:

You could give this dog a predictable obedience behavior to perform, like heel. In the interim, I’d probably just give him something to carry in his mouth. This is typical overexcitement behavior and for me, giving the dog a toy to carry takes away all the conflict of correcting him or allowing him to get all wound up and in a wild state of mind.

I’ve owned many dogs like this over the years, my current dog (now 5 years old) has always had this tendency and now that he’s older I can stop him with a verbal interruption. When he was a puppy and young dog, I simply chose my battles and just gave him something to hold in his mouth. It’s worth a try.

Cindy Rhodes


Thanks so much for the helpful advice. He is my first Malinois. I am glad he is finally well and strong enough to get excited, just not on my arm. 

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Leather Dual Purpose K9 Leash


One of the best leather leashes you can have. I purchased the black Leather 6 feet dual purpose K9 leash and I’m 100% satisfied. I have been breeding working line German Shepherds for the last 3 years and these leashes are great for the work with the dogs.

Definitely one of Leerburg’s high quality products.

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