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  September 12, 2013
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Cindy Rhodes and Rush Team Leerburg Mondioring 2 Trial

Cindy Rhodes and Rush Team Leerburg Mondioring 2 Trial

On September 8th, Cindy Rhodes and her 5 year old Belgian Malinois, Rush, competed in a Mondioring trial in Harris MN, scoring an impressive 286 points out of 300 for their level 2 title. This was the first leg of Rush’s Mondioring 2. Before competing at the 3rd level, Rush will need to pass one more level 2 trial. Rush’s score of 286 was offset by a 6 point forfeiture of points on the jumps. Due to a preexisting leg injury, Cindy opted to lower the jumps from full height. Had Rush jumped the hurdle and palisade at full height successfully, he would have had the highest ring 2 score ever achieved in North America. The beginning of this video is a few pictures taken of Rush and Cindy during the trial. After the photos, we have broken it down and highlighted each exercise. The entire Leerburg Team is proud of Cindy and Rush’s achievements and glad to have them as members of our team.

September 12, 2013   |   20 Minutes, 38 Seconds

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Question: I have a 7 week old Doberman puppy who isn't growing like the others in his litter and he makes a weird sound in his throat. Any ideas?

I have a Doberman puppy that came from a litter of 6. He was born by C-section, as mom was having problems getting the first puppy out on her own. All the pups were pretty uniform in size for the most part at birth. This one particular male has not grown much at all in comparison to the rest. At 4 weeks of age the others' average weight was 10 to 11 pounds and this little guy only weighed 4 pounds! I took him to our vet and had a full blood panel done and nothing looked abnormal, not even his thyroid or liver. He was close to being anemic, but not bad, was all they could find. This puppy has been VERY energetic from the beginning and still acts like an "Alpha" male! He is VERY sharp and keen. He was the first to nurse and to eat dry food, over the others. He threw up a lot after eating the first 4 to 5 weeks of age, but lacked nothing in weight, other than growing real slow. He now is 7 weeks old and makes a weird sound in his throat. Still growing way slow. Any ideas?? Thank you

Cindy's Response:

I'd get a second opinion from another vet, he may have megaesophagus (which would explain the failure to thrive and throwing up). Even though blood work was normal, I'd still investigate this with another doctor... Some pups with a liver shunt simply don't grow as the rest of the pups in a litter do.

Just throwing ideas out there, good luck.
Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Q&A in Monday's Newsletter

I have just read the question about a lady who is thinking of moving in with her boyfriend who has two dogs. One of whom has killed and eaten 3 cats that they know of. 

What is this woman thinking of, moving in with a kitten? I am incensed by this question. If she wants to move in with this guy who has DOUBLE STANDARDS, her words not mine, my suggestion is she re-homes the cat!!! She will NEVER forgive herself if the dog kills and eats the cat. Also, what sort of life for the poor kitten, it will sense the murderous dog waiting for it. 

I realize I have no business making my feelings known about this, as you have answered the question with the expertise of your profession.

But I just felt like getting hold of this woman and giving her a good shaking!!! I'm so angry. They say love is blind. This just proves the point. But not at the risk of the loss of an innocent animals life. I think of the cats I've taken in or re-homed, and would hate to think of one them ending up with this Dog.

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