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September 15, 2014

Tuffy Animals & Dinosaurs

Tuffy Animals & Dinosaurs

These Tuffy Animal Toys are for dogs who like something a little different. The variety of shapes and sizes ensures that your dog can find a fitting friend. The multiple layers of materials and stitching ensure that this friend will last a long time.

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

Wow! For weeks I have been in such a conundrum about my 90 pound, 9 month old, GSD that became BOSS of my world out of my sheer ignorance of EVERYTHING about dogs. But today I am excited for the first time in months. I bought this course out of desperation and fear of the monster that was growing in my house and what to do next. He has had 7 months to take over me and my home and I didn't even realize what was happening.

Today, after completing the first week in a couple of days, I have hope I can keep and my manage this dog I have so come to love. Let me rephrase that; I KNOW I CAN manage and keep my German Shepherd after week one with Ed. Thank you Ed Frawley for your love and knowledge of dogs and sharing it with us! I very much look forward to the remainder of the course.

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I found a GSD breeder that looked good on the internet & I put a deposit on a pup. After visiting the puppies I have some reservations, can you give me your opinion?

Dear Ed & Cindy,

Today I went to choose the puppy we want out of a litter that I put a deposit on (GSDs). The website was detailed, reviews and references were all good. After my visit, I am not sure about them.

1) They live in a trailer in the middle of nowhere with the dogs in outside kennels (We live in SC).
2) I asked to go see the puppies and she said she would bring them to me because I would upset the moms and other dogs.
3) She said I would have second pick out of a litter of eight... She only brought five puppies with no explanation.
4) Three of the pups were exactly the same size and the other two were significantly smaller, and much darker.
5) They were dirty and smelly, but not filthy. I mean I still wanted to pick them up and hold them.
6) I asked how she would know which pup was mine, she used a sharpie and put a mark in her ear.

I would like your opinion on this situation. We just want a family dog, but is $800 to much to pay for a dog like this?

Thank you!

Cindy's Response:

I certainly can't tell you without seeing the dogs or the set up.  My feeling is that if you have reservations after visiting I would recommend going with your gut instinct.

In most cases if you are having second thoughts that are bothersome enough to email and ask someone else whether you should take the pup, then you're trying to justify taking it.
Personally, if someone told me I got second pick out of 8 and only presented 5 pups with no explanation that would be a deal breaker for me (but that's me).
In my opinion, being a family dog is probably the most important job a dog can have so I want to make sure I have a quality puppy to fit that role and I want a breeder that I trust. The price of the dog is secondary to all that.

We do have an article on picking a breeder and a puppy

Cindy Rhodes


Thank you Cindy. I did in fact decide to pass on this puppy and the breeder. I felt too uncomfortable with all of the circumstances. We are considering another breeder that competes in IPO and Schutzhund full time. Thank you so much for your sound advice which confirmed my feelings.

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On Leerburg's 9/11 Newsletter Video

I just want to thank you for posting this today.  I knew of the ceremony, but had never seen the video... it is very special...


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