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The Chuckit! is the best way to exercise your dog... without wearing out your arm. With the Chuckit!, you can throw that ball out of the ballpark over and over again. Use it in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere there is plenty of room. With a little practice you can consistently throw the ball 100 to 140 feet.

Leerburg Online University Student Comment

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

This course was AMAZING! I learned so much and am so impressed with you and your philosophy and method and style of teaching and training dogs. I will continue to take your on-line classes because even with all I have learned in this course I realize I have only touched the tip of the ice burg. I find it incredibly satisfying to use the methods and techniques and see almost instant results from the dog as long as I'm consistent. That is a biggy.

I finished the course in 4 or 5 days because I really was in a panic about what to do and had spent way too long trying to find out and finally found you by typing in the question "can you train a GSD not to be aggressive" or something in that vein, and you popped up. I was beyond all hope and you and your course on "Dominant Aggressive Dogs" introduced me to you and your world. You were my last ditch effort and I feel ecstatic to have found someone who is knowledgeable enough to have the RIGHT answers. I cannot believe the ignorance out there about the real job of training your puppy and dog. It is beyond frustrating. I also see now that the dog owner has to be willing to do the work. And work it is. But so rewarding. You can hire dog trainers all day long but if you are not willing to do what is downright demanded of you as the handler you can forget about it. Yes, you might get lucky and have that little docile dog or one that acts out and every one laughs about but it is never funny to anyone when that dog weighs 80 pounds and upwards.

I appreciate the course being left up on the site to go back to and refresh but wish it could stay up longer. Only because it takes time to learn, memorize, implement over and over for it to become second nature to me as well as my dog. Believe me, I will return over and over to the course to refresh after mastering each aspect of each segment.

Thank you so much Ed. I have already told a multitude of people about you and have convinced my three younger sisters to take your course. Since finding you I have put you on blast. People are starting to run from me because all I want to talk about is what you have taught me about a dog many were very worried about and has done an about face and is like a miracle before their eyes. Rigby and I still have our hurdles because he is afraid of people but at least you have given me a wonderful foundation and understanding on how to begin to deal with this.

From the moment I finished the written material and tests I shut off the computer and went into training mode with my dog. That has only been a few days but it has been a focused ordeal with lots of time invested. I love the time we spend together learning and he is very happy about it. He really has come a good ways in a short amount of time with all the training he is getting right now. In all my excitement about getting to the actual training after reestablishing pack structure I completely missed the Essay question and the feedback.

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: My dog is overly friendly and wants to say hi to everyone she sees. I want to compete in obedience with her, how many times a day should I work on engagement to see a difference in her behavior?


My almost 2 year old dog is very friendly. We are working on competition obedience and I plan on doing our first competition soon. The problem with her being too friendly is that she wants to say hi to everybody she sees. I have been watching "The Power of Training Dogs with Food" and "Focused Heeling." She is doing great when it's just me or when we are working with our trainer, but as soon as there are more people and dogs she looses focus. How many times a day should I be working on engagement and how long should those sessions last for us to see a difference in her attention when we are around more people? Also, do you have other ideas on how I can get her to be more focused on me and not trying to meet every single person she sees (I don't allow her to meet everybody she wants to see)?

Cindy's Response:


I can’t really know how many times a day or how long the sessions should be to work on engagement, but if I was having the problem of my dog losing focus I’d probably ONLY work on engagement for a while and put the competitive plans on hold. No formal obedience exercises right now. If your dog can’t remain engaged with you with other dogs and people around you are getting ahead of yourself in training. A dog trial would be a bad idea at this point.

You may need to use higher value rewards or to deliver those rewards more dynamically. Your dog should value being with you over anything in the environment (people, dogs, etc). I’d highly recommend the video Advanced Concepts in Motivation.

I also would not allow her to meet and greet other people and dogs, there is no need for her to do this. She should have a leash on at all times if you worry about her leaving you.

If your dog is toy driven I’d recommend The Power of Playing Tug with your Dog. Sometimes a dog will remain engaged for a toy over food, if they have a strong desire to play.

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Tuffy Dinosaurs


These toys are as tuff as their name! I bought one for my now 3-1/2 year old shepherd when she was just a puppy, and it is still almost as good a new. We played pull with it, she drops it in her pool, it's stayed out in the rain and snow, she shakes it and tosses it around, and still "Dino" is as ferocious as ever. I liked it so much, I bought her the big bull too. It lost part of his string tail, but otherwise is also in great shape. However, I might add that Liza is not a chewer, don't know how it would hold up to a ripper-upper, but I bet pretty darn good.

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