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  September 19, 2013
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Dogtra iQ CLiQ Electric Collar

Dogtra iQ CLiQ Electric Collar
Clicker Built into Transmitter

Jeff Frawley discusses one of Leerburg's newest ecollars, the Dogtra iQ CLiQ.

September 19, 2013   |   2 Minutes, 47 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: My dog wants to kill everyone. We can't even take him for walks anymore. What are we to do now?

My pitt bull is 6 years old, we got him right before my daughter was born, he was raised along side her. He has been an amazing family dog, never ever has shown signs of aggression towards us in any way. But for everyone else, he hates everyone, he wants to kill. and I mean KILL. We can't even take him for walks anymore because now he wants to kill everyone/dog we see and also cars??.... Its painful walking this terror on a lead. What do you do with a red zoned dog? We can't have him around anyone at anytime, he likes no one. As my daughter got older, he got more and more aggressive. What are we to do now?

Ed's Response:

We help people solve dog aggression problems every day. But getting an email like this and expecting us to solve a problem that you have allowed to grow and develop over a 6 year period is unrealistic.

Pitt Bulls can be very nice dogs. There is nothing wrong with the breed. The problem is with Pitt bull owners like yourself. Your problems developed as a result of how you have chosen to live with this dog over the past 6 years. When you don’t establish rules and then enforce consequences for breaking those rules you end up with a dog like you have.

I could point you towards our DVD on establishing pack structure and our DVD on dealing with dominant and aggressive dogs. But do I really think that after 6 years of poor leadership you are going to change the way you live with this dog? That’s just not going to happen.  

What I think is you are an accident and a lawsuit waiting to happen and unfortunately I feel sorry for your future victim.

Ed Frawley

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Q&A in Monday's Newsletter

I want to thank Cindy for her very informative information regarding a raw diet! Because of Cindy's confidence, I gained confidence in starting this new world of a raw diet! I jumped in with both feet, a scale and several visits to area stores shopping the sales for bulk purchases! 

My 8 month old male 100 lb shepherd, Bear, loves, loves, loves his new raw diet! Like Cindy, I give Vitamin E, Grizzly Salmon oil and Bios probiotics each day! No more bad gas! No more huge airy large poops!! It went so well I started my home's queen, Bailey, a 45 lb Golden mix , on a raw diet days later! I always free fed my dogs with Iams kibble???? There are still two full, untouched bowls of Iams in two different rooms!! My dogs walk past them for the last week??? They love their chicken, gizzard so liver, beef, pork, etc!!! 

I also gave their biscuit treats away!! I bought meaty pork neck bones and individually wrapped each one and froze them! That's a treat!! 


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