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September 29, 2014
Jeff Frawley Demos Educator E-Collar at Level 100

Jeff Frawley Demos Educator E-Collar at Level 100

Watch as Jeff Frawley demonstrates the high end of and Educator remote collar. In this video he will also time out an Educator collar on level 20.

Anyone who has never felt the stim from one of these collars should watch this video. 

Leerburg's Online Teaching Engagement Skills Course

I gained a ton of insight on learning about building a trusting relationship with my dog and being a good pack leader. I now can understand why "engagement" is such a valued skill to teach your dog. its all about building a strong connection with your dog and being able to have them follow you and listen to your commands no matter where you take them. I think socialization is so important and them always looking to you because like you say, they always want what you have and look to you.

Balanced dog training is awesome because you teach the dog through motivation and only use corrections once you know they are 110% sure of the command (using durations and distractions).

I dont have any suggestions other than maybe more short essays at the end of the week to write an example of how your training for that week with a story about your training sessions... and us have access to read others like in the discussion board. Just more live examples of what people are doing wrong so we can learn from that. it helps me to do comparisons.

I really enjoyed how this course is broken up and how we have extra long access. Thank you.

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: If we feed our dog raw chicken and he happens to bite one of our free range chickens will he associate the food in his bowl with the live chickens on our property?

If we are feeding Natural and Raw diet, we would like to know if we feed chicken and our pup/dog should happen to get his teeth into one of our free range chickens on the same day, would he associate what he ate in the bowl to what he just tasted that was alive. We understand that he needs to be trained to ignore them and plan on doing that, just curious if he would associate the food bowl chicken with the live chicken if he tastes both during the same day. The pup is a GSD.

Cindy's Response:

No, dogs don't associate a meal of chicken in a bowl we give them with a live chicken running in the yard. 
This is a common myth.

Here is our Q & A section on raw feeding.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Feeding and our Q&A on Raw Diets.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Muzzle Sizing & Conditioning Information

Your video on introducing the muzzle was great. But when I got to the buckle point it was hard. My dog would pull his head out immediately looking his treat or got it out before I could buckle. So I tried holding the treat on the outside but he knew it was outside and not in there. So I dabbed a little bacon grease on the inside tip. I literally couldn't get his head out of the thing. I could buckle it on and he was happy, no fighting the muzzle or trying to pull it off. Just licks licks lick. Just thought I'd share my idea.

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