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Ed Frawley on Remote Collars vs. Animal Rights Extremists

Ed Frawley on Remote Collars vs. Animal Rights Extremists

I have always said that remote collars are one of the greatest dog training tools ever invented, but they are also one of the most misunderstood dog training tools every invented.

It is important to us that what we say about training with remote collars is 100% accurate. The groups of people who are quick to speak out against remote collars donít take our position. They take the liberty to lean on emotion and misinformation.

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Leerburg Online University Student Comment

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

Wow! For weeks I have been in such a conundrum about my 90 pound, 9 month old, GSD that became BOSS of my world out of my sheer ignorance of EVERYTHING about dogs. But today I am excited for the first time in months. I bought this course out of desperation and fear of the monster that was growing in my house and what to do next. He has had 7 months to take over me and my home and I didn't even realize what was happening. Today, after completing the first week in a couple of days, I have hope I can keep and my manage this dog I have so come to love. Let me rephrase that; I KNOW I CAN manage and keep my German Shepherd after week one with Ed. Thank you Ed Frawley for your love and knowledge of dogs and sharing it with us! I very much look forward to the remainder of the course.

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Question: We are using the Educator 3/4" contact points for our Malinois. Are these the correct size?

We have just purchased an Educator 400TS remote trainer from you. We have a 10 month old Belgian Malinois. We are using the 3/4" points. Are those the best size or do we need to get the extra long ones? We have just begun to test the collar on the dog.

Thanks for your input.

Cindy's Response:

If your dog doesn't have an extremely thick coat the points you have should be sufficient but the selection of equipment is always dog dependent. If you find that the collar doesn't seem to be making consistent contact once you start using it regularly you can always switch the contact points.

I use the shorter points with my dogs (Malinois) with no issue.

Cindy Rhodes

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On Leerburg's Tug Tastic Bungee Tug Toy


This is my favorite tug so far! I have had mine for a year and it is just now time for a replacement. It has been well loved. I use it all the time. I like the bungee spring inside it absorbs some of the shock while playing. I have a German Shepherd and he is tough on his tugs but I am very happy and satisfied with this one and how well it has lasted. Definitely worth buying.

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