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  October 10, 2013
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Q&A with Ed Frawley

Q&A with Ed Frawley

A question about a dog that pees in bed answered by Ed Frawley.

October 10, 2013   |   4 Minutes, 6 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: How do I wean a dog from a raised target or touch pad to a flat target?

Hi Cindy! Wondering if there are any videos or instructions on how to wean a dog from a raised target to a flat target? I am using raised target for an easily aroused dog in agility with good success, however am struggling with the transition to a more flat target. Maybe I am just transitioning too quickly to a lower target?? Thank you for your valuable information. Take care.

Cindy's Response:

Did you start by putting the flat pad on top of the elevated pad first until the dog is used to that? I do that and then I gradually fade the elevated pad.

When you change completely to the flat pad, go back to helping the dog during the transition.

Cindy Rhodes


Hi Cindy, Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I put the flat pad on the elevated pad first but the target seems to have lost it's value when it became flat... I will continue to work it and create more value...

My girl has difficulties with over-arousal and is very very easily frustrated so I just may need to back up and slow down...

thanks again for your reply!

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On Leerburg's Dog Vests and Leather Leashes

Hi Cindy,

Ordered "working dog vest" from Leerburg. Great quality. Ordered very short leather leash from Leerburg. Love it!!!  It gets better and better with time; it is so well made that the leather gets softer and more pliable, meanwhile the metal parts stay strong as ever.

So my only "complaint" is that somehow I have fallen off the Leerburg email list. I need my "puppy love" videos!  Could y'all put me back on the list?  Thanks.

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