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Leerburg.com October 13, 2011
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Michael Ellis and Ed Frawley talking about the new DVD
they did on Advanced Concepts in Motivation

October 13, 2011 | 2 Minutes, 1 Second

Advanced Concepts in Motivation

Advanced Concepts in Motivation
Turning Your Reward Into an Event
with Michael Ellis
3 Hours, 17 Minutes

Save $15 Now!
Pre-Order Price $50.00
After 5pm Friday $65.00

The editing on this DVD is finished. The video is 3 hours and 17 minutes long. It has been sent off to be pressed into DVD discs, which takes approximately 2 weeks.

The pre-order price for Advanced Concepts in Motivation ends at 5pm on Friday, October 14th. If you were considering purchasing this DVD, the time to do it is now!

Streaming video for this DVD will be available tomorrow. All those who have pre-ordered the DVD will recieve access to the Video on Demand. The DVD will be shipped in approximately 2 weeks!

Click here to read more about this video.

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Leerburg's Video on Demand Tutorial
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A tutorial on how to use Leerburg's Video on Demand program. We cover the basics on navigating the website, finding free and paid videos, including troubleshooting issues that you may stumble upon. We want you to maximize your experience here on Leerburg's Video on Demand and take advantage of the features we have to offer.

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Reinforced Jute Leg Sleeve
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Leather Prong Collar Leash

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Featured Question & Answer

Question: Do you have an tips on quicker sits and downs?

Good afternoon Cindy-

Looking for any tips on quicker sits and downs. I have a shepherd and he was doing great but has come to be more sluggish and don’t know why. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Cindy's Response:

Slow response is almost always a lack of motivation. Typically the dog lacks motivation for the rewards or you are not rewarding often enough or dynamically enough. The other reason could be a physical problem, sore joints or some other health issue.

Ed is just finishing up Advanced Concepts in Motivation. It should be ready for shipment by November.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Obedience.


We get a number of Q&As every week, if you would like to read this weeks's Q&As, click here and check out the 'Recent Questions' section!

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Customer Comments

Mr. Frawley, Cindy and all the people that make Leerburg work,

I have been intending for a while to tell you all how wonderful I think you guys are. I am finally getting around to doing just that. I truly enjoy your website and I have learned so much. I am amazed at what you all do. I thank you for being there to share all your skill and knowledge. I have learned so much. I tell everyone I know with dog to go to your website! Well, thanks again.


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More details on courses, course content and dates available on Michael's website.

There are 2 openings left in Protection Theory class - October 17th-21st and the Decoy Clinic - October 24th-28th is now full!

Openings are limited! Register now!

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