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October 18, 2012
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What's New at Leerburg

What's New at Leerburg

Ed Frawley discusses Leerburg's new Black & Pink Sweatshirts and how we are donating 5% of order totals that have the Black & Pink T-shirt or Sweatshirt to the National Breast Cancer Foundation! He also talks about Leerburg's new catalog and an audio CD for noise sensitive dogs.

October 18, 2012   |   3 Minute, 20 Seconds

This Week at Leerburg...
Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Purchase our Black & Pink T-shirt or Sweatshirt to donate 5% of your TOTAL ORDER to the National Breast Cancer Foundation
Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: Iíve been using the ecollar for recalls and for sit stays, my dog now sits and stays when I nick him with the collar. Any advice?

I am training a Redbone Coonhound. While working on obedience, he is responsive to the "here" command but is easily distracted by other dogs. Using an ecollar gets his attention and he will come most of the time. Lately, and quite often, he gets confused with the ticks from the e-collar when he hears the "here" command and gets a correction. This repeats several times. He sits and stays, I call "here" and he stays. I have to bend down and say okay go or praise him. I have probably been too consistent with the ecollar during sit and not enough with the here. Please give me advice to correct this issue and change the behavior of sitting. Thank you

Cindy's Response:

You need to back up your training and build motivation and understanding of the recall. Stop using the ecollar for now and work on rewarding him for coming to you.

I’d HIGHLY recommend the video Training the Recall.

Cindy Rhodes


Leerburg is awesome!!!! And so are you Cindy. I'm greatly surprised on your response time!!!! And getting a response during today's training session. I am going to put what you said to use. I've noticed he's very reward driven. I've tried tugs, toys and kongs, but he loves training treats. So, for the easiest training method I will be using treats and hoping I can ween him off to a toy or praise.

Thanks again so much for your response!!!

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On Leerburg's Jute Bite Pillow

This product far exceeded my expectations. It is very substantial, and well made. The handles are securely fastened to the body, and are even anti-slip. I'm sure this is the last bite pillow I will ever need to purchase. By far, my dog's favorite training device! Great product.

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