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Leerburg.com October 20, 2011
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Advanced Concepts in Motivation Watch it on Leerburg's Video on Demand - Video

Advanced Concepts in Motivation
Watch it on Leerburg's Video-on-Demand

On October 15th, 2011, we finished production of the latest DVD with Michael Ellis titled Advanced Concepts in Motivation. I feel this is one of the best DVDs that we have done. This information is going to change the way dog trainers approach dog training. Last week we uploaded the training video to our Video-on-Demand. We think it’s important that our DVD customers know that whenever they purchase a DVD from Leerburg they also get access to the Video-on-Demand for that DVD. They don’t have to wait for the disk to arrive in the mail.

This training video is 3 hours and 17 minutes long and has been sent off to get pressed into DVD discs. The discs are expected back on or before November 1st and will be mailed to our customers the day we receive them.

October 20, 2011 | 2 Minutes, 1 Second

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A tutorial on how to use Leerburg's Video on Demand program. We cover the basics on navigating the website, finding free and paid videos, including troubleshooting issues that you may stumble upon. We want you to maximize your experience here on Leerburg's Video on Demand and take advantage of the features we have to offer.

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Featured Question & Answer

Question: My son tried to adopt a dog from a GSD rescue and when the lady at the rescue saw my son’s other dog wearing a prong collar she asked us to leave and told us she would have him banned from every rescue organization in the nation. Are prong collars really considered that bad?


Today my son, daughter in law, and I went to a German Shepherd Rescue by appointment after the application had been accepted. We were there no more than ten minutes when we were literally told to leave and that they would not adopt a dog to my son and his wife. She notice that my son's poodle mix had on a prong collar (which for their dog seems to calm him when he is around other dogs). She said that prong collars have been banned from being use with the AKC and if they ever showed up anywhere or any shows using a prong collar they would be thrown down stairs and attacked. As she stormed off she said was also going to have the kids banned from every rescue in the nation. That she was going to send their information to everyone and they would never be able to adopt anywhere. It was awful, I have never experienced this kind of behavior.

The reason I believe was a discussion in regard to prong collars. I told her that I have had German Shepherds all of my life and have used prong collars and find nothing wrong with them when "used properly." I said that I would be happy to agree to disagree. I have a female 8 year old who is dog aggressive and this type of collar has been perfect for her. In fact every time I touch that collar she comes running. She knows that collar means freedom for her and we are off to either walk or take a trip or play. It has never been a negative for us.

Are prong collars really considered that bad or abusive?

Thank You for your time.
Regards, Rebecca

Cindy's Response:

Uninformed people many times have strong (unfounded) responses to pieces of equipment. really, there isn’t anything you can do to convince these people otherwise except by showing them with your example that it’s not the tools that are bad, it’s how certain people use them.

ANY tool can be abusive in the wrong hands or used the wrong way.

People who are SO extreme in their responses don’t realize they are actually doing more harm than good with their uninformed reactions. Instead of becoming educated, they are judging people and preventing dogs that need homes from getting them.

This woman sounds unstable, the information she gave you about being thrown down the stairs and attacked is ridiculous! You may not use prong collars at any AKC event or show, but I guarantee you many people use them in training. Banned from every rescue in the nation? Crazy talk.

I think your son should be glad he didn’t get a dog from this particular person’s rescue, she sounds like she needs to find a new hobby.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Prong Collars.


We get a number of Q&As every week, if you would like to read this weeks's Q&As, click here and check out the 'Recent Questions' section!

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Customer Comments
On Monday's Q&A on the "Zoomies"

Hi Cindy

Today's question regarding the "zoomies" with an 11 month old dog sounds like some common behavior I have seen with undisciplined dogs. I foster on a regular basis, often finding a dog that is not even housebroken, or with no experience with a leash and collar. I am fortunate to have a large, fenced in area at a park where I can socialize them with other dogs, both on and off leash, and teach them that this is the ONLY place where the zoomies are acceptable and only when I permit it.

Recently, I fostered an 8 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who had spent six months in a shelter kennel before being pulled by the rescue group. I found him very difficult to deal with in that zoomie frame of mind but could not ever find him quiet enough to work with. I developed a routine where I would take him to the dog park, twice a day, usually with no one around, and worked with him, both on and off leash, followed by a period of the zoomies where he could run the snot out of himself. By the time other dogs arrived, he was somewhat quieter and could socialize in an acceptable manner. When we returned home he was quiet, compliant and very easy to work with. We would repeat this in the evening. Over the space of a several weeks, the zoomies became less frequent, and both dog and I were happier. While the behavior appears amusing, especially since it comes out of nowhere and is often comical, I equate it to letting a toddler or preschooler run rampant indoors, screaming and yelling. Just like kids, dogs need to know that some behavior is for outside, not inside.

Your Q&A pages are awesome and I recommend them all the time.

Thanks for your common-sense approach to dog training.

Mary, MSc LVT

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