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October 21, 2013
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Q&A on Ecollars

Q&A on Ecollars

Question on using remote/electric collars answered by Ed Frawley.

October 21, 2013   |   2 Minutes, 58 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: My house trained dog has started urinating on our bed. Is this a dominance issue? What should I do?


My otherwise very sweet, well-behaved and house trained cavalier puppy (9 months) has started urinating on our bed frequently. Especially when I'm washing the sheets and the duvet and mattress are bare. She is crated during the night but is allowed in the bed for snuggles. I've ruled out medical issues as she seems fine the rest of the time. Is this a dominance issue? What should we do?


Cindy's Response:

If she's only doing it on your bed, it sounds like she's "marking" but without a physical and having a urinalysis done by a vet I can't say for sure what the motivation would be. The first step is to not allow her on your bed anymore. Whether she's showing dominance or just a lack of house training, I'd completely control her movements in and around the house. Dogs that urinate in the house or on furniture are not house trained (unless she has a UTI which would require a vet visit to determine).

Dogs that do this should not be given the  freedom to get up on beds or furniture. At 9 months old she's an adolescent and I would recommend more rules for her.

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She should be on leash or in an exercise pen or crate at all times.

We also have a number of eBooks, which include topics that may help you.

Good luck, I would make sure to have her checked by a vet just in case.

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

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Discovered the leerburg site a couple weeks ago, and even just these reward based training methods that are new to me, as an old time dog person away from the dog world a few years, had hit a stuck spot in the process of rehabbing a young adult rescued ACD X Dutchy I've had a few months, and between informative materials on the on the website, articles and videos, and some interchanges with Cindy by email, have got a handle on the underlying problem and on my way to figuring out how to get through it. Received my DVDs on training with food and marker training this morning, since my internet is too slow to watch them online, and, well, I really had planned to get some of dog hair cleaned up off the floors today, but oh well, that can wait...I'm already getting into watching the first one! Great stuff!

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