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  October 31, 2013
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Managing Your Dog

Managing Your Dog

This short video explains the difference between managing your dog vs obedience training your dog vs socializing your dog. We get many emails every day from new dog owners who have behavioral problems with their dogs. These owners believe that obedience training will solve their behavioral problems when in fact they need better management and/or a better method of socializing their dog.

October 31, 2013   |   6 Minutes, 13 Seconds

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Question: How do I get my dog to bring the tug back to me after I let him have it?

Thanks for a great informative site! With that said I have the DVDs on The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog and The Power of Training Your Dog with Food. I have a 6 month old GSD I am training for Schutzhund. When I tug back and forth for a bit and then let him have the tug, he runs away with the tug and is possessive of it. I tried putting a leash on him, and giving him small pops back to me, but Michael Ellis, in the video, was telling the trainers not to do that. How do I get the dog to bring the tug back once I let him have it? I have watched this DVD several times and have not seen this addressed. 

Thank you! 

Cindy's Response:

I'd do the work shown in The Foundation of Puppy Bite Work where you have a second person run the dog back to you on leash. GSDs are typically possessive, so you can deal with it using the two person technique.  

In the meantime, I would not allow him to have the tug until you have worked thru this with a second person. 

Cindy Rhodes


Thank you so much!

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's DVDs

I don't have any problems, just wanted to thank you for the DVD on grooming a GSD. My dog will probably want to thank you too, I have had her for 11 years and this is the first time I have felt I was actually getting all the dead hair out, the secret was the combs. I had everything else, but the combs have made all the difference. I had never thought of using a comb on a long haired shepherd before. She is almost 12 and in good health but I had never set us up for good grooming habits, so we have a system where late at night I sit by her bed for grooming, petting, and talking. This isn't how most people do it, but it works for us. I had to laugh at your DVD on pack structure, I have always managed my girl both in and out of the house her whole life, she was born house trained I believe, but better safe than sorry. Now I tell people it is actually what you recommend. Funny story today- just for reference she is never allowed outside alone as the yard is unfenced and we have close neighbors. Today she was out exploring in the woods in the backyard as I cleaned leaves and spider webs off the house, never out of eyesight as if she cannot see me she comes to find me. Suddenly the phone rang and a neighbor wanted to know if we were aware she had gotten out, he could see her but not me. After a quick thanks I had a great laugh as the typical response from all the neighbors tends to be to hide because she is such a big GSD (all 62 pounds of her). Anyway, management is the key to a good dog and happy neighbors.

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