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November 1, 2012
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Lindsey Sommer's High Score

Two weeks ago our friend, Lindsey Sommer competed at the Dr. Seuss Mondio trial held in Lakeport, California. Lindsey and Enzo scored 189.5 out of a possible 200 for a high in trial on Saturday. You can see all the exercises of the Mondioring 1 routine while watching a great team do what they do best. Great job Lindsey!

November 1, 2012   |   8 Minutes, 48 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: Our little white fluffy dog is a super digger, do you have any suggestions?


As long term dog owners, we know that no 2 dogs are the same! Our newest addition is a cutie, sweet Cavachon/Emma. She is SUPPOSED to be white, fluffy, etc, but most of the time, she looks like a hard boiled egg dipped in chocolate... which is DIRT! She has a "thing" for insects... esp. GRUBS!!! She roots and roots. Any insect will do. I know about the pica/poop eating habits (yea...not that).

We have underground fencing and a lot of land. I have got milking spore to treat the lawn asap....

Digging is natural, but she is a SUPER DIGGER! Our other girls (part terriers) do not hold a candle to her. Any suggestions???

Thank you.

Cindy's Response:

I simply wouldn’t allow this. If I have a dog that digs to this extent, they are not allowed in a “diggable” area unsupervised.

I would have a safe secure place for her when I couldn’t watch her (i.e. a kennel with concrete or paver floor) and when she was in the yard I would have a long line attached to her so I could interrupt the behavior. Digging is a self reinforcing behavior and the only sure fire way to stop it is to take away the dog’s ability to do so.

Cindy Rhodes


Dear Cindy,

Thank you for your response. In a perfect world, having kennel staff, etc I could maybe achieve success using your suggestions. That not being the case... I plan to treat the lawn w/ Milky Spore and w/ time see what happens. She and Sophie, Gracie have a blast playing and running outside together. She is small enough that I can manage her easily and get her cleaned up. Respectfully, your suggestion is more like asking a baby not to poop in it's diapers. Thank you Cindy, I DO APPRECIATE and respect your expertise.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's ET1200 Upland Ecollar

I must say it took me some time to choose the right Ecollar. I used the Leerburg comparison chart and it really helped me make my decision. Something else you MUST take into consideration is how to use this Ecollar, this is why I purchased Leerburg's Ecollar video they sell on their website. I have to say it made world of difference for me and my dog. As for the Ecollar I love it and its fancy features, especially the tracking light when its dark out. The momentary "Nick" is also a huge plus to me! I have never had to use the Continuous with my dog, not once! Another big positive is its waterproof both collar and remote! So if you're looking for an Ecollar fairly priced and built(in the USA) to last, Einstein is the one!

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