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November 4, 2010

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Fernando Dosta Working Ed's Dog,
Bart, in Foundational Bite Work

Last week, Fernando Dosta was at Leerburg for a 5 day decoy seminar. Fernando lives in France and is one of the top French Ring decoys in the world. In this video, he is teaching Ed's 14 month old Malinois the foundation of safe down field bites.


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The Power of Training Dogs with Food

3 Hours, 45 Minutes| $65.00

The Power of Training Dogs with Food DVD

This is the first DVD in the Building Drive and Focus Series with Michael Ellis.

The foundation of Michael's dog training system lies in marker training. The power of Michael's system lies in how markers are applied within his training program. Unlike trainers who claim they can train every dog with 100% positive motivational methods, we know for a fact that corrections should have a place in any serious dog training program. They are required to guarantee reliability under distractions.

The beauty of Michael's system is that it establishes a method of communication with our dogs that is built on positive reinforcement. It is a communication system that is "black and white" to our dogs. This work builds a non-confrontational relationship with a dog. Because it is non-confrontational and based on positive reinforcement it is perfect for 8 week old puppies or 5 year old dominant and aggressive dogs. It's the perfect system to build or repair a relationship with a dog.

Our DVDs use untrained dogs and untrained handlers

The first two DVDs in this series (the second The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog) covers the foundation of Michael's training system.

Both of these DVDs were produced with untrained dogs. Unlike other training videos where the training shown is only demonstrated with a trained dog - we chose to only use untrained dogs and untrained handlers.

I edited the training to show Michael demonstrating his training concept and I then fill the DVD with with examples of both untrained dogs and handlers learning the system. There is no question in my mind that people learn more from watching others make mistakes and then learning how to fix those mistakes.

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Featured Question & Answers

Question: My girlfriend's dog is left for 9 to 10 hours while she is at work, what do you recommend to help keep him busy? What are your thoughts on rawhide?

Hi Ed,

I've been reading through your web site and couldn't find anything on dogs chewing rawhide bones. I have searched other web sites and find good and bad articles regarding rawhide. My girl friend has a 1 year old small mixed Terrier dog and he loves to chew things. 

I'm trying to find answers to a couple of questions and was hoping you could help. The dog is left alone for 9 or 10 hours while she is at work. What do you recommend for this? He likes to chew rawhide sticks. The sticks keep him occupied when she is doing dishes, bills etc...  Please let me know if you can help.

Thank you,


I’m not a fan of rawhides, first of all because the dogs learn it’s fun to tear them up (which can reinforce destructive behavior). They also can be treated with dangerous chemicals that are toxic to dogs.

I like to give them chew toys or items that are safe, free from dangerous ingredients. 

For small dogs or pups, bully sticks are a huge favorite.  Big dogs love them too but they are pricey for a big dog. 

Elk antlers are popular with my dogs, and the everlasting treat toys are a hit here too.

Interactive toys are great for dogs who are left alone too. Our dogs especially love the Bob-a-Lot. You can see it and some of the other toys I mention on this page.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Toys.


Question: My 50# puppy will not go to the bathroom outside, only in the house on puppy pads. Do you have an ideas?


My puppy is six months old, we got him over the summer and did not get a crate since I am off at that time. We used puppy pads and now I have a monster, he will go outside but not to potty. It don't matter how long I stay out, nothing happens, but as soon as we come in, on the pad he goes. Those pads cost a lot after a while, especially when the puppy already weighs 50#. Any ideas on where to start undoing this mess I made? Other than this bad habit, he is well behaved, just trying to get the potty business taken outside. Thanks.


You need to start all over from the beginning, because you have taught him that the inside of the house is his bathroom. This could be a long drawn out process and you will need a LOT of patience. What you are experiencing is why we don’t recommend using those puppy pads in the house (especially with a large breed).

I would put a pad outside where you want him to go.  I’d also recommend crate training him. 

We have a section on the website about house training.

I’d also recommend Your Puppy 8 weeks to 8 Months and Pack Structure for the Family Pet.

We also have a number of eBooks, which include topics that may help you. 

Good luck!

Cindy Rhodes

For more information on this topic, see our Q&A on House Training.


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Leerburg Testimonials
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To whom it may concern:

I ordered different DVDs from Leerburg Enterprises and all of them I received are very nice and super interesting. Whenever I have some free time I watch a little more for education from the convenience of my home and feel like I've got my own personal dog trainer. Someone who knows what they are doing and passing on this knowledge to new puppy owners.

I'm glad and happy that I was able to sign up for the Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. update mail. Many important information I've received so far and it's helpful raising our new GSD puppy. Keep up the good work and all the best to you and raising your puppies as well as all of your dogs.

I just felt like it's important to let you know how much your work is appreciated and to brighten up your day's work with something good. You are on the right track! Keep up the good work and keep me informed with whatever is important to know raising a well behaved puppy.

Good day and Happy greetings

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