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November 4, 2013
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Q&A with Ed Frawley About Fruit Treats

Q&A with Ed Frawley About Fruit Treats

A question about if blueberries and other fruit treats or okay for dogs and if they affect training answered by Ed Frawley.

November 4, 2013   |   2 Minutes, 35 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I know I need to establish pack structure and I can only afford 2 DVDs, which ones would be best for me?

I have been reading different articles on your website and wish to purchase a DVD but only have $ to spend on one maybe 2. I have a 6 month old part lab, part Tibetan terrier with loads of energy. I also have two boys one 5 and one 2 with loads of energy. I need to be a pack leader. I am not with my pup. I am great with my kids. A friend recently suggested the leash training. In the house and outside to establish I am the leader. We do not have a fenced yard and the kids and I were playing outside when another dog was a good 200 feet away and the pup started to chase. I called his name he stopped and continued on. He almost got hit by a car. He did stop chasing the other dog and I got him home. I too firmly said no I did not hit him I grabbed his neck and repeated no. I took him to the house and put him in the crate. After reading your articles I see this was wrong but I do not want him to get hit by a car. This is the first time he has run to the road. I am going to start the leash and the waiting til he is called to go in and out of the house. I am going to run with him on a leash which I HATE. We live in the mountains and run on trails alone and 95% of the time we see no one and he stays with me but my friend says I need to establish the pack leader. How long do I need to run with him on leash? Which DVD would be best for me to purchase? I want to raise an obedient family dog. I know I need a lot of training on how to be a dog owner. I want him to be with my family for many years. I also want a good running companion. I run a lot and to be honest he is a great running companion. I also want the children to be able to control him not, sure how that works. He is very good with the kids. He does still jump on them at times but does stop quickly. He is crate trained and is only allowed in a small area of our house. When we are at work, he is in a kennel until we get home. This is where I falter because somedays I do not have time to walk him due to the hours my hubby work, so I let him play loose when we are in the backyard for exercise and this is when he bolts on occasion. Up until a few weeks ago he would come when I called, now he ignores me. I would say he does not get a run about twice a week. The other days he gets 3 to 5 miles. Sometimes more.

Thanks so much

Ed's Response:

The last thing I want to do is offend you. The problem is I donít have time to sugar coat answers and because of that I have to be a little blunt.

I give you credit for taking the time to do some research and take the next step to ask a question.

You should follow the advice of your friend. This puppy needs to be on leash 100% of the time. If a dog is not trained it should not be off leash when it is in an un-enclosed area. If you cannot call your dog when he is distracted he SHOULD NOT BE OFF LEASH.

You have allowed your dog to practice bad behavior (when he is in your back yard and off leash). Now he simply runs away. What can I say? You trained him that this is OK. If you donít have the time, then put him in his dog crate.

In regard to your comment of running with the 6 month old pup on leash and not liking to do it Ė well thatís a simple answer. Itís a TERRIBLE IDEA. Do you run with your children? I think not. Puppies are no different. You are going to break down the pups hips and elbows. No dog should go jogging with an owner until it is 12 to 15 months old. I bred German Shepherds for 35 years Ė I can't count the puppies that developed hip dysplasia because their owners ran the dogs at a young age. Far too many and I feel badly about it because I feel responsible. But think about it, would you expect a 6 year old to run in the mountains with you? We both know the answer. So have some patience and wait until your puppy is ready.

There isnít anything wrong with taking your puppy for a long walk. Just donít run him the way you have been.

Your children Ė read the article I wrote on children and dogs. You are the dog trainer. In my experience, it takes a motivated child (usually around 9 years old) to handle a dog. Most children can not train a dog. They simply are not mature enough.

If I had to recommend some DVDs it would be Living With Your Puppies and Basic Dog Obedience.

Ed Frawley

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On Leerburg's Last Monday's Newsletter Video

Thank you for the video with Dr. Karen Becker. 

Tomorrow we have a desperate appointment with a endocrine specialist for our 8 year old spayed GSD with severe symptoms as described in the video (ACTH test was negative) and it has provided me with a lot of new questions to ask the vet. 

This video could not have come at a better time. Thank you!

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