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Leerburg.com November 7, 2011
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Question from a Leerburg Customer Teaching Your Puppy the Meaning of NO

Question from a Leerburg Customer on
Teaching Your Puppy the Meaning of NO

Question from Spencer: How do you go about teaching your puppy the meaning of NO. I'm raising a Border Collie and she can be very persistent in doing what she wants to. I'm raising her as close as possible to your methods and what I have seen Cindy do. We use the ExPen, crate, Flexi Lead, harness, treat bag 24/7, marker training, etc. My one concern is about is about teaching the NO. What I have been doing is just staring at her and saying NO repeatedly. Then when she complies, I stop saying it and break the stare. Is there any more you can teach me on this subject until she is old enough to be 'leash popped' as a correction? She's 11 weeks old, so most NO's are about jumping on the ExPen, nonsense barking, or peeing inside.

November 7, 2011 | 7 Minutes, 16 Seconds


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This Week's Featured
Question & Answers

Question: I'm interested in biking with my GSD, but I'm worried about him lunging and pulling the bike over when he sees a rabbit, fox, deer, etc. What is your experience with this?

Hi Cindy,

I watched the video with you and Rush and really liked the idea of exercising him with the bike. I have a GSD that weighs 98 pounds, is very fit and has high prey drive. In your experience, do you think this will be a major concern if I were to try this form of exercise? Have any of your dogs lunged and pulled the bike over when they saw a rabbit, fox, deer, etc.?

My dog has done intermediate level obedience, knows "attention heeling" and is generally good on leash but the animal chasing has not been resolved.

I appreciate any insight you can provide.

Kind regards


My dogs ignore distractions like animals, other dogs and people. I would not ride my bike with a 98 pound dog that isn’t trained to these distractions. If you can’t take your dog for a regular walk and have him ignore wildlife and keep focus on you, then I’d be worried about moving at high speeds and trying to maintain control.

For ME, a dog that is likely to lunge is not a dog I’m going to be biking with until he’s trained properly. I’m getting too old to hit the dirt. There are times we are moving at 20 MPH, you want your dog to be focused and on task.

Cindy Rhodes

See the newsletter video referred to in this Q&A.


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Leerburg Q&As

Customer Comment
on Thursday's Newsletter Video

I am so pleased to see how well rush is doing after all the rehab. He's doing great!!!!!

The video reminds of something that some of us do in the winter here in northern Maine, we skijor with our dogs. If you have a dog who will pull it is quite a thrill. Some dogs only want to walk far enough in front and not pull. It's still fun to get outdoors with them.

Tell Jeff that I want to thank him very much for his service to our great country. I feel a great deal of pride for those who serve. My stepson is now an E6 in the Army, my niece is a Captain in the Army and my son was in Iraq in the Army so you can see my family is a great supporter of those who serve.

I am glad to hear that he will be helping at Leerburg. It's nice to have the kids join a family business. He's doing a great job on the videos so far. Keep them coming. I really enjoy seeing you and Ed training your dogs and giving tips to the public.


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