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November 10, 2014
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Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

The Rugged Dog Boot is made with dense, water resistant but breathable nylon material and wrapped with a recycled tire material. This boot lives up to its name because it provides protection from most conditions - plus they'll stay on your dog's feet.

The Heeler's Toolbox II

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

The scores on my tests, I wish were better and reflected the vast amount of information I learned from this course. I will comment on this in my review.

I have learned so much about Pack structure, I have owned "good" dogs all my adult life. They were easy learners and offered little training challenges, plus they were natural pack members. I somehow maneuvered myself into a situation of pack leader, but I have learned a more direct method from your class. I wish I had followed your program when we first adopted our Stella two years ago. Our new girl is a definite challenge! She would have adjusted much more quickly to us and our environment if she could have done so from the safety of her crate. She came with a lot of inappropriate behaviors due to her fears of people and situations. She is a "hard" dog who is also extremely energetic.

Although, I had a little knowledge of clicker training, your DVD has helped me so much to refine my technique and make it work for Stella. She is an eager learning, but I wasn't delivering the message. I can see all kind of possibilities for her as we now share a common language. Ready, Yes, No, good and done!!!! Five simple words! Motivation and drive techniques were appreciated too. My timing and hand positions are areas that still need further refinement, but I know what to do now!!

Carefully, I followed your instructions on using a prong collar, especially helpful to someone who was not familiar with how to use it. Now, I know how to correct, by stopping, and rewarding her when she looks back at me. I never pull her leash, but use verbal commands to change direction. I want you to know she is so much better. As a rescue, she had an large audience--her former foster was absolutely amazed at her progress when she walked back to her doggy play group a week ago. She remarked to everyone, Stella is a different dog!!!! So, thank you so much!!!!

My self confidence is so much more, because I feel I have learned so much. I know what direction to take, and can offer solutions to a problem. Thank you for offering this class. And once again, thank you for helping so many dogs avoid the tragedy of being put down and surrendered, you are performing a great service.

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Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question

Question: I am interested in purchasing the Training the Retrieve Michael Ellis DVD. If I am not familiar with marker training, will I need to to buy 2 DVDs?

I am interested in purchasing the Training the Retrieve with Michael Ellis DVD. Particularly to get my dog to be better at delivering to hand. I am not a fan of "force fetching" and a trainer recommended this web site to me.

My question is: If I am not familiar with "marker" training, will I need to to buy 2 DVDs? Or is there another way to learn "marker" training without paying another 65 dollars? Also, how much time would I need to dedicate to marker training before I could start the "hold" part of the retrieve training?

Thanks for your help

Cindy's Response:

If you aren't familar with Michael's system at the bare minimum I would definitely recommend the video The Power of Training with Food first.

Not only do you need to be comfortable with the system, your dog needs to learn the cues, gestures and reward method you'll be using for communication. The retrieve is a multi-step exercise and we don't want there to be any question in the dog's mind about when he's right and when he's wrong. I also do not want my dog to think when he's wrong that there will be any fallout from making a mistake. I simply want him to have the desire to keep trying to be right. Our goal is to build a great desire to participate in the whole process before we start adding a slightly stressful lesson like the retrieve.

As for how much time, that's something that I can't really answer. It all depends on how well you grasp the exercises, your timing and your dog's motivation level, etc...

For me, I also want my dog to be playing tug well before starting any retrieve work.
The Power of Playing Tug 
Advanced Concept of Motivation

Cindy Rhodes

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Green Slow Feeder


This produce is aces! My Aussies eat way too fast, this bowl makes them carefully pick around for every piece of kibble. I've also used it with sticky stuff like peanut butter to give them something to do when I brush them or trim their nails. Works wonders.

Our "way too smart" border collie just tipped this over and spilled out all the kibble. So if you're dog is that genius, might not work for you. My dogs have NOT figured this out in 9 months of use. Great slow food dish.

The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers
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Web Designer

Leerburg Enterprises Inc. is seeking a creative individual for a full time web designer position. As a Web Designer for you will be responsible for creating & implementing designs for web based content (mobile and desktop).
Job Responsibilities include:

  • Creation of Photoshop mockups based on design input.
  • Implementation of Photoshop mockups into HTML5/CSS3/JS layouts.
  • Responsive design implementation and improvements
  • Maintain cross browser, legacy browser, & mobile browser support.
  • Troubleshoot and fix layout issues.
  • Updating website content

Required Knowledge

  • Photoshop & Dreamweaver
  • HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript
  • jQuery Library
  • Responsive Design CSS3 Media Queries

Plus Knowledge (not required, but a bonus if you have it)

  • JWplayer, Flowplayer, or any other video streaming plugin
  • Flash ActionScript
  • Amazon S3
  • HLS Streaming
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, twitter, etc..)

Please send your resume & portfolio to

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