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November 11, 2013
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Leerburg is proud to support our veterans. We feel that our veterans deserve recognition 365 days out of the year but especially today. Having 2 members of our family serve in the military means Veteran's Day has special meaning to us. Jeff Frawley is now out of the army after serving for 8 years. He has been working at Leerburg for the last 2 years. He still holds strong to the values learned as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne. Andrew Rhodes is currently serving overseas on active duty in the US Air Force. Our active duty military members throughout the world ensure that we are able to carry on our way of life. We ask that you take a moment today to remember our veterans and what they and their families sacrifice for our country. We are forever indebted to those who have worn the uniform.

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Question: My Catahoula Leopard Dog killed my Min Pin. What should I do?


Very heartbroken and torn on what to do. We got a Catahoula Leopard Dog when she was 6 weeks old. About 2 years ago she started to look at you scary when you gave her a treat and sat next to her on the couch. I think if I touched it she would bite me. Then she went after my Min Pin's treat and hurt her badly. She also goes crazy if a dog passes our house her hair goes up and when I try to make her stop she will get aggressive with me. But the worst thing about this is she could be so lovable when she wants to. But about a week ago, my nightmare came true, she killed our 12 old Min Pin over a treat. Picked her up shook her like a rag doll I was horrified, couldn't believe it even happened. Don't know what to do please help. Thank you so much. 

Ed's Response:

I will start by saying that I am sorry for your loss. With that said we get far to many emails from dog owners who own multiple dogs and one of their dogs kills a second dog. Every one of these deaths are all totally avoidable.  

I will start by saying that you should NOT GET A SECOND DOG.

Your dog is the way it is because of the way you chose to live with it. Had you done a better job in managing the dog this tragedy would not have happened. I produced a short video on Management for one of our recent newsletters. I suggest you watch it. Bottom line is good management is more important than obedience training when it comes to living with a dog.

In your case these dogs should not have been given food treats in the presence of the other dog. You large dog should not been off leash while in the house. It should not have been allowed on furniture. It should have been fed in a dog crate. It should not have bones or toys outside of the dog crate.

If you keep this dog you need to change the way you live with the dog. It needs to go through a pack structure program in which it loses all privileges until it earns them back (a little at a time). If you chose to do this I have produced a DVD that explains how to do it - Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Dog DVD.

Ed Frawley

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Pack Structure.

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's 15" Red Tubular Tug

Leerburg is right about this - a great tug

I have only had this tug for a few days but already it is turning into our favorite. It's really hard to find tough tugs which are small enough for my Border Terrier to grip comfortably. Despite his small size, he is really hard on his tug toys (French linen -hah!) and I like that this is tough but also soft and not as abrasive to his teeth as kevlar (plus, I haven't found a kevlar tug with a small enough diameter for him).

The previous reviewer is right about this wearing in - the stuffing is packed really tight but already it is softening up and I can tell it will get more flexible with time. My dog's teeth are puncturing the material but it looks like any tears are unlikely to fray or run.

The manufacturing quality is great and the tug is easy to tuck away and quickly produce. It even throws well!

It does get slippery when slobbered on, but if you practice targeting so your dog grabs it in the middle, this is not a problem as there is plenty of room for your hands to hold the ends.

I would really recommend this for dogs that are already keen tuggers and happy to play with the tougher materials. Five Stars!

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