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November 16, 2011


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Training the Retrieve with Michael Ellis DVD
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Training the Retrieve with Michael Ellis DVD

Training the Retrieve with Michael Ellis

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This DVD is 3 hours long and It is by far the most comprehensive step-by-step training DVD on teaching a dog to retrieve that we have ever seen. It will replace both of our previous retrieval training DVDs.

If you are a student of marker training or interested in marker training you will love Michael Ellis’ approach to this work. Because the system is founded in markers there is a very minimal amount of force used in our training. It is our belief that a dog should not be force trained to retrieve.

We recommend the viewer have an understanding of marker training before beginning this work. This is all covered in the earlier DVDs we have done with Michael Ellis.

In our opinion, no one is ever going to reinvent a better training system on teaching a dog to retrieve than what we have detailed in this training DVD. Michael’s system can be used for AKC obedience, for Schutzhund trainers, for any of the ring sport trainers and even field trial retriever enthusiasts.


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