November 16, 2017

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Leather vs BioThane
Watch Ed's Amish Draft Horse Test

Ed puts leather against BioThane in the ultimate test to see which one is stronger with an Amish Draft Horse. It is important to use the correct materials and equipment when training. Our customers do not have to be afraid of either the leather or BioThane equipment breaking on them. When used correctly, both materials will last through years of training.

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When Should You Call The Police About Your Neighbor’s Aggressive Dogs?
by Ed Frawley

A couple of days ago Cindy got an email from a women who is seriously concerned about her neighbors aggressive dogs (see the email below). She asked for advice on what to do.

Having been a K9 handler for 10 years I have a pretty clear idea on a protocol to follow. I also served as an expert witness for the prosecution on a murder case in Kansas in which a pack of 4 Rottweilers killed a 9 year old boy. The owner was found guilty and spent years in prison.

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