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November 18, 2013
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Leerburg's Relationship Games Trailer

Leerburg's Relationship Games Trailer

Whether you own a dog as a house pet or you are training in high level competition, establishing a working relationship with your dog is one of the most important prerequisites for any training regimen. Regardless of how you apply your training or the methods you plan to use, building a relationship with your dog must come first. This DVD will help you build that relationship through 8 different games, with training being the main idea behind each game while also making it fun for you and your dog at the same time.

Everyone can benefit from these games. We have presented them in a way that someone with no experience training dogs can understand the "what" and the "why" of the game. We have incorporated a plethora of information into each game, so an experienced dog trainer can learn new tricks to incorporate into their groundwork.

Each of these games will also help establish the ground work for many of your more advanced obedience behaviors. Each game also has many real-world applications. For example, the "food on the floor" game will help your dog learn impulse control, and at the same time your dog will learn not to eat food that you drop or leave out. We turn the restrained recall, which is the foundation to a formal recall, into a fun game for the entire family. These games are meant to be fun for you and your dog, while at the same time offering huge training benefits.

The DVD is laid out in 9 chapters. The first chapter will be a basic overview on how to use markers in your training. After that each chapter will explain the practical application for the game, a detailed explanation of how to play the game, and an overview of the training steps involved in that game.

Chapter 1 - The Basics of Marker training
Chapter 2 - Look
Chapter 3 - Accept Restraint
Chapter 4 - Restrained Recalls
Chapter 5 - Food on the Floor
Chapter 6 - Go to Spot
Chapter 7 - Hand Touch
Chapter 8 - Place
Chapter 9 - Hide and Seek

Training should be fun for you and your dog. These games are going to help you enjoy training more and help the non-dog training members of your family understand how your dog learns and hopefully get them involved in the training process.

November 18, 2013   |   2 Minutes, 15 Seconds

Relationship Games Online Course Coming in 2014

Relationship Games Online Course Coming in 2014

The first 30 people to pre-order Leerburg's Relationship Games DVD will receive free access to our new online training course, Leerburg's Relationship Games. This course is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2014. These 30 people will be the first students once it is completed. Check out this short video for details on our online training program.

November 18, 2013   |   3 Minutes, 9 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
Ask your training question here

Question: I am puppy sitting for a Rottweiler puppy & he's very nice until you pick him up and try to cuddle him. He has quite a temper and tried to bite my face. Are these signs of an aggression problem?

Hi Cindy,

I am watching a 12 week old Rottweiler puppy and he is the cutest little guy.

He loves to play and seems like a very nice puppy until you pick him up to try to cuddle him. He displays quite a little temper and becomes aggressive. He tried to bite my face. This does not come across as playing as his personality changes to a mean streak. He means business. If I didn't dodge the bite, there is no doubt he might have bit me hard.

As much as I like him, I wonder if these are signs he may have a bit of an aggression problem that should be worked on while he is young. When the owner comes to pick him up, I am going to discuss it with him.

I work with and own GSDs and I can cuddle and love on every one of them and they respond back with lots of love. Even the tough guys love to get hugs.

What do you think?

Cindy's Response:

Like humans, dogs have different personalities and thresholds for things like this. This is not uncommon at all.

Personally, I would not be cuddling someone else's dog or puppy unless the dog initiated it. Even then, I probably wouldn't do it. I know that I don't like people getting in my "space" and many dogs are this way as well. It's considered rude by many dogs. This pup probably gave you a subtle signal he didn't like what you were doing and when you did it anyway, he felt he had no choice but to tell you to stop in the only way he knows how.

We just filmed a new video called "Relationship Games" and one of the exercises is conditioning dogs/pups to accept restraint and handling by pairing it with marker training. In my experience, the worst thing you can do with a pup that shows this tendency is to force the issue. It's something to be aware of but with smart handling and training it doesn't have to be a problem

I can cuddle and hug all my dogs but I have a relationship with each and every one of them. Some of them like it more than others as well. Most of them would not tolerate this type of handling from anyone other than me or immediate family members.

Cindy Rhodes

For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Puppies.

We get a number of Q&As every week, if you would like to read this week's Q&As, click here and check out the 'Recent Questions' section!

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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's 10ft Soft Grip Leash

Nearly 20 years ago, I made two 10' leashes from horse reins and used Chicago screws to secure the loop and a solid brass clasp... just like yours. But a single rein of thick leather nowadays is too expensive to make into a dog leash for most folks.

I had made about a dozen biothane leashes over the past 2 years with more narrow and thinner material than your product. They worked well and I let a dog rescue group sell them to make some money for the rescue effort.

But the 10' orange biothane leash Leerburg offers is a bargain, even adding in shipping.
It's comfortable, supple, easy to spot in dim light, draws attention (and a chance to recommend it and Leerburg!), and is strong like leather with no maintenance. Soap and water to clean it and it's nearly impervious to regular weather.

It's delivered folded, so I hung it over a bar with the 2 halves attached to a weight to straighten it out. The remaining slight bend will come out quickly. I have used cotton, nylon, leather, poly leashes and traffic leads over the years.

I never had a leash to equal yours, especially at a modest price, except for the solid leather one I made. For folks with a sturdy dog (Boxer, APBT, GSD, etc.) this leash and a buckle collar (not the hard plastic clasp type but a metal buckle!) will keep your dog safe and look great and mark the handler as person who knows good equipment.

Doug in Richmond, VA

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