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The Value Of Different Food Rewards with Michael Ellis

The Value Of Different Food Rewards with Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis answers a question regarding the use of different types of food rewards in training and how that effects the motivation level of your dog.

Leerburg Online University Student Comment

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

I have learned so much from this course that I never knew before. I could write a novel but for me the following is what stands out.

At the moment good management and consistency are really in the forefront as crucial to raising a happy puppy/dog (owners as well!) and therefore balanced dog training. I think if the dogs environment is not controlled whether that be crate training, socialising, bad behaviours, house rules, new owners will have their hands full and a dog that is soon uncontrollable. Far better to start good management with a puppy and teach it to engage with you. Both owner and dog will have a healthy and happy relationship. (how good is engagement, can't wait to start this with a puppy) Having said this Daisy is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

This course has taught me that the above is a long term commitment. There is no quick fix! I am responsible for the raising of my puppy. From watching the DVDs in this course and listening to Ed talk all of the above will hopefully give me a rapport between my dog and myself and an understanding and closeness that will carry us through to competition obedience.

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Question: Whatís the shipping stress on a new puppy? Iím getting an 8 week old German Shepherd by air.

What is the shipping stress on puppies? I will be getting an 8 week old German Shepherd by air. The flight should only be one to one and a half hours.

Cindy's Response:

I'm not sure how you would measure stress. You can never truly know if the experience has changed a pup in any way.

I do know that many pups are shipped with no apparent long term issue. I also know that some pups are traumatized by the experience. Since you can't possibly know what happens (rough baggage handlers, etc) & 8 weeks is a known "fear period" for young pups, it's one of those things you sometimes have to gamble on.

Personally, I won't ship puppies I've purchased for myself, unless it's somewhere I can't drive to pick them up (i.e. Europe). I want to know what experiences my puppies are having so that means driving to get them.

It's really a question without a clear answer.

Good luck with the new puppy.

Cindy Rhodes


Thanks. I had thought of picking my puppy up, but the breeder said I shouldn't because I would be risking it getting exposed to diseases at potty areas in rest stops, etc.

Cindy's Response:

I don't stop at rest areas with puppies, I stop at areas that don't have high traffic for travelers. (i.e. churches, schools, grocery store, strip malls, anywhere I see a patch of good grass for potty stops).

I'd take my chances with potty stops over airlines and their handling of a living thing, but that's me.

Cindy Rhodes

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On Leerburg's Educator Pro Expandable Ecollar


Simple product, excellent quality and loaded with basic and advanced features. Very pleased with purchase.

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