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  November 29, 2012
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Lindsey Sommer Teaches Enzo How to Skateboard!

Lindsey Sommer Teaches Enzo How to Skateboard!

November 29, 2012   |   38 Seconds

Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I have a question about leash pressure, how do I get my dog to walk backwards? When I use the leash pressure backwards she gets pulled over on her back.

Hi Cindy,

I have a question about teaching leash pressure. My dog sits when I give her steady leash pressure backwards horizontally - I do this against a barrier. How do I get her to actually walk backwards. If I keep the pressure on she gets pulled over onto her back. I am stuck at this stage of the leash pressure work because I don't want to demoralize her to it.

Cindy's Response:

Have you worked leash pressure by having her move forward first? Your dog should be moving very easily forward and to the side before you try to work backwards. You may also be asking for too big of a step at first, reward the SLIGHTEST try, even a slight movement of her head or body should be released.

You may be trying to move through the steps too quickly, go back to where the dog was being successful and work on other skills right now.

I see that you just purchased all the videos a few weeks ago, in my opinion, it would be asking too much to be doing leash pressure after only a few weeks of the Ellis system. I would be doing all the motivation work and markers for a long time before I introduced leash pressure.

Cindy Rhodes

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On Leerburg's Website

Hi Cindy -

I am visiting the site today to order bully sticks and antler chews for our dogs, and saw that you're using the pic of Spenser we sent in for the contest (joyful golden retriever running in the snow, top right photo on the site today). Thought you'd like to know, Spenser is now 12.5 and after a long healthy life, has been diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. He's still doing okay, is restricted from activity other than gentle walks (on leash) and playing with our 5 year old GSD Kaja - and I sometimes break that up, much to their disappointment! Not asking for advice, just letting you know how glad it makes me to share the pic of this really sweet dog. He's not smart like a GSD, but none of my GSDs has ever been smart enough to look at a thicket, look back at me, then pick a way through based on what would be easiest for me, on the other end of the leash! Gotta love 'em.

Glad to see Rush back in action and hope to see more of him, Stella, and Endy (am missing Endy ;-) in newsletter videos to come -


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