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December 2, 2010

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Cindy and Endy Doing Foundational Bite Work
with Jeremy Norton on December 1st

Today’s video is of Cindy and her 6 month old puppy, Endy, doing foundational protection work on  leg sleeves with Jeremy Norton.

The leg sleeves that  Jeremy is using are  Seynaeve leg sleeves from Belgium. You will see in this video why we import and Seynaeve equipment. In our opinion, it is some of the best in the world. We use these leg sleeves on young puppies that have mouths large enough to bite the sleeve and adult dogs that are safe on the legs.

In the coming year, I will be producing decoy training DVDs and bite work training DVDs with our friend Michael Ellis. These DVDs will go into infinite detail of of the training steps for the work your watching here, plus more advanced work.

In this video, Cindy and Jeremy are working on the foundation techniques for bite development that all young dogs should go through. The specifics of exactly what is being done and why will be covered in the DVD that Michael and I do next year. Jeremy is a certified Mondioring decoy and has been trained in Michael's system.


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Featured Question & Answers

Question: My vet told me that it's a good age to start my 8 year old lab on supplements. Do you have any suggestions?

Hello Cindy,

I would like your opinions on a good vitamin supplement for my 8 year old black lab mix, Java. She is currently in great condition, good weight & tone, shiny coat, bright eyes, good energy, etc. but my vet told me that this is a good age to start supplementing to keep her that way. While I have not been able to feed her a raw diet (time and money) I have always fed her a natural, higher quality food (Innova Evo dry and Merrick canned). Please share your suggestions.



I give salmon oil and Vitamin E to all my dogs, regardless of age. Once they hit about 6 (or earlier if I suspect they need some joint support) I add Syn-Flex and Soothe Joints.

If you notice some pain, stiffness or limping as she ages Comfort aches is a safe alternative to NSAIDs. 

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes


Thank you.

You and your website are absolutely the most valuable tool a dog owner can have. I am a dog walker/ dog sitter and I refer people to your website all the time. They are always in awe of the abundance of useful, and most importantly RELIABLE information you make available for free! You and Ed are truly doing a great community service. Know it is very much appreciated.


For more questions on this topic, see our Q&A on Supplements and Health.


Question: My dog has become extremely afraid of my dad. Could you please help me try to diagnose this problem or figure out how to fix it?


My 6 month old chihuahua has a very annoying habit and I am hoping you can help me teach him not to do. When I first got him at 12 weeks old, he was perfectly fine around everyone, but one day about a week later out of the blue he just started to get extremely afraid of my dad. He will not sit in the same room as my father and he will pace around the house watching to see were he is. If my father gets up and walks into another room, my dog will start to bark and run upstairs and hide in my room. He is so afraid that if I hold him and my father pets him, he will urinate on me! I have no clue what to do about this problem. It is not like he is afraid of men in general because I have a brother and we always have visitors and he never barks at them. Sometimes he is better than others and will come into the room with my father in it and other times he is just so scared that he runs to my room and stays in there barking. If you could help me try to diagnose this problem or figure out how to fix it I would be very appreciative. Thank you.



It sounds like your dog is insecure and feels nervous. His barking will dissipate if you give him more feelings of security and protection. He needs structure and to feel safe in your ability to be his leader. Many times people with small dogs don’t realize that it’s every bit as important to the emotional well being of a Chihuahua as it is to a German Shepherd. For starters, don’t let other people put him in the position that he feels cornered (like holding him and allowing people to pet him).

I’d get a size appropriate crate for this dog and I’d start with our Groundwork program. Pack Structure for the Family Pet is the video that picks up where the article leaves off.

Insecure or fearful dogs especially benefit from having rules in place that are consistent. The behaviors you see now (the barking and running away) will escalate as your dog matures and dogs like this many times become fear biters.

I’d also recommend you do some reading on the website about fearful dogs and pack structure

Here are some links to get you started

Q&A Fear Aggression
Q&A on Pack Structure

I would direct you to the search function in the upper left corner of the website for any additional questions you may have. If you type in your key words it will guide you to articles, Q&As and posts on our forum. 

I hope this helps.

Cindy Rhodes

For more information on this topic, see our Q&A on Fear Aggression.


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Leerburg Testimonials
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Thank you so much!

I am slowly building a library of your DVDs. The work that you do with dogs is amazing. Although I have no profession with dogs, my dogs have always been the envy of our community because they are well trained and well behaved. 5 years ago I got my first pure-breed GSD, and I knew that I would have to step everything up a notch because of her superior intelligence. I got a couple of your DVDs and she is now a certified Therapy Dog. There are many dog owners in our community that seek advice from me. Because I have watched your DVDs over and over again, I am able to give them sound advice, and then refer them to your web site.

I am very grateful to you for the work that you do, and also for an absolutely amazing web site. Please let Ed Frawley, Cindy and Michael Ellis know that they are very much respected and admired for the work that they do.

Thank you,

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