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Housebreaking 101 with Mark Keating

Housebreaking 101 with Mark Keating
"A step-by-step process for introducing your new dog into your home"

Bringing a new puppy into your home is an enormous responsibility. The amount of work it takes to raise an 8 week old puppy can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have a game plan going into it. This course is going to help you develop that plan. While everyone's lifestyle is different and every dog is different, this course is designed to fit all dogs and people, regardless of whether you are raising a working line dog for sport work or a family pet.

This is a management course for new dog owners. While the emphasis of this course is on housebreaking, we have added several management techniques that you can implement to help develop a well-balanced dog that behaves in your home.

The course is going to focus on puppies, however the material in this course can be applied to any dog that you bring into a new home/environment. If you recently adopted a 3 year old adult dog and would like to learn how to introduce them into your home, this is the course for you.

The course is broken down into three modules, all of which are packed full of great information.

The first module is going to cover what you can prepare for prior to starting any of the management techniques. We will cover how to puppy proof your home, diet, determining the temperament of your new dog, diet/feeding schedules, and what types of equipment you are going to need.

The second module will cover how to set your dog up for success. In this module, we are going to cover how to introduce equipment, such as a collar, to your dog. We will cover some fun interactive games to help develop a relationship with your dog and how to manage your dog in the house with the use of a leash, ex-pen, crate, and other tools. We also address how to handle any accidents that do occur throughout your housebreaking process.

In the third module, we will provide you with a sample schedule for housebreaking your new dog. This schedule will give you an example of what we do with our dogs. The schedule is broken down to the hour for every day. This schedule is also flexible and can be modified to fit your lifestyle.

Leerburg Online University Student Comment

Leerburg's Online Basic Dog Obedience Course

I gained a ton of insight on learning about building a trusting relationship with my dog and being a good pack leader. I now can understand why "engagement" is such a valued skill to teach your dog. its all about building a strong connection with your dog and being able to have them follow you and listen to your commands no matter where you take them. I think socialization is so important and them always looking to you because like you say, they always want what you have and look to you.

Balanced dog training is awesome because you teach the dog through motivation and only use corrections once you know they are 110% sure of the command (using durations and distractions).

I don't have any suggestions other than maybe more short essays at the end of the week to write an example of how your training for that week with a story about your training sessions... and us have access to read others like in the discussion board. Just more live examples of what people are doing wrong so we can learn from that. it helps me to do comparisons.

I really enjoyed how this course is broken up and how we have extra long access. Thank you.

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Leerburg Q&A
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Question: I recently watched the Dr. Becker video about early spay & neuter and had some additional questions.

I just watched the spay and neuter video with Karen Becker. It answers some questions and raises more. After losing my rescue GSD, adopted at 7 months, spayed, to severe knee problems at age three, my new companion Rott/Shep cross spayed (another rescue) female is on DES for incontinence at age 2. But my son's Yorkie/Bishon rescue male (neutered by 3 months) and my previous Border Collie female (spayed at 6 months by me) both suffer(ed) from serious allergies--complete with hair loss and intense itching. Fish oil helped my Border Collie but she still got progressively worse until her death at age 14. But my son's dog is only 3 and is very bad. Grain free food has helped, and they are considering a raw diet, but my question is: Are all the skin problems that we are seeing now also possibly related to early spaying and neutering? I keep looking around and seeing more and more of it when in my childhood (60's) it was unheard of and in my young adulthood it seemed rare. Thanks!

Cindy's Response:

I think it's a combination of too many vaccines, early spay/neuter, poor diet of only processed foods (ie. Kibble) and chemical & pesticide use around and on dogs that play into this (Frontline type products, etc). Add to that the overuse of antibiotics and steroids and you set these dogs up for a lifetime of less than optimal health. It's very sad but is a reflection of what is happening to humans too. 

Too many people follow current trends blindly without using common sense.  Health doesn't come in a pill, injection, or pellet of processed food & surgically removing body parts just because has far reaching long term effects on health.  Based on the emails I receive, a lot of vets also recommend spay/neuter as a solution for issues that are merely normal dog behaviors. 

I feel very fortunate to have access to good vets that see the big picture and are well versed in alternative medicine. They are worth their weight in gold!

Cindy Rhodes


Thank you! I guess our next step is a raw food diet. I keep thinking that GMO corn might be implicated also, esp since corn is a main component of the cheaper dog foods--corn always has been there, but before at least it was "real" corn. We do feed grain-free to our dogs now.

I have learned so much from your website and am buying videos as I can afford (and have time to work through them!). I recommend you to everyone that I can get to listen. Ya'll really know dogs.


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Customer Comments

On Leerburg's Conditioning Your Dog to a MUZZLE Video

I just wanted to praise Leerburg on a product and an online video. I have a rescued GSD that is dog and people aggressive. I recently purchased the Baskerville muzzle. After watching the online video "Conditioning your Dog to a Muzzle" I was able to take my dog out for a walk with it on after 2 days. Obviously it is not his favorite thing but with some slight leash correction I was able to have him ignore it in 10 minutes or less. Thank you for providing top quality products and videos. I am a pet owner and not a trainer but Leerburg has helped me IMMENSELY.

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