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  December 20, 2012

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Question: I purchased the Einstein ET500 & now I wonder if it's appropriate for my dog. He's an 80 pound German Shepherd.

Hi Cindy,

I purchased an Einstein ET-500 collar based on your Youtube video, on Black Friday. Shortly after making the purchase, I saw on Einstein's website, that the ET-500 is for small to medium dogs. This wasn't mentioned on the video, and on the training gear page it only says 15 lbs and up. I thought maybe this was a question for a trainer who may use the product. My male 9 month old GSD is a lean 80 lbs or so, and my question is whether or not this collar is appropriate for him. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cindy's Response:

The ET 500 is absolutely appropriate for your dog. The mention of small/medium dogs has no bearing on the suitability for bigger dogs (it is more about the size of the receiver the dog wears).



Beautiful, thank you.

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I'm forever grateful for Leerburg! I have directed all my pet people to your site for everything to do with dogs. My passion is the Shiba Inu and I'm glad you have my back when I need you :) for great reliable information.

Kindest regards,

P.S My husband is training with Michael Ellis in January for 2 weeks with his GSD.

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