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Leerburg Pedigrees Otis vom Jacobiner Schloss

Otis vom Jacobiner Schloss

Otis vom Jacobiner Schloss

Hips "German A Stamp Normal"

Linebred 3-4 Grief zum Lahntal

US Border Patrol Certified Narcotics Dog

Utah Post Certified Narcotics

North Amercan Police Working Dog Certified Patrol Narcotic
News Flash
One of Otis's littermates (a female) placed 13th in the 1996 SV Bundessieger in Germany. The bitches name was Olive vom Jacobiner SchloB, SchH 3, FH 13th place in the 1996 BSP A: 94 B: 94 C: 94 282 (SG).

See an article on hip production from the Nov. Issue of the 1996 SV Magazine which lists Otis's father (Mink v. Haus Wittfeld) as the number one hip producer in Germany at that time.

                                     Jago von den jungen Hansen SchH III
                       Greif zum Lahntal SchH III FH INT
                                     Cora zum Lahntal SchH I
             Ylo vom Waldeckerhof SchH III
                                     Gerolf vom Rehschlag SchH III
                       Gabi von der Pollerburg SchH II
                                       Fanta vom Leeserholzchen SchH I
         Mink Vom Haus Wittfeld SchH III FH
                                     Bernd vom Lierberg SchH III FH
                       Ignaz vom Oberscholvenerweg SchH III FH
                                       Delfi vom Oberscholvenerweg SchH II
             Cora vom Haardblick SchH III
                                       Juppi von der Toterloh SchH III
                       Dora von den Rixbecker Alpen SchH III
                                       Birke vom Kornfeldshof SchH I
   Otis vom Jacobiner Schloss "A" Stamp NORMAL
                                   Horby vom Bungalow SchH III
                       Acco vom Bungalow SchH III FH
                                   Anka vom Seeborn SchH III FH
             Jupp vom Korbelbach SchH III FH IP I
                                   Caro vom Allerswald SchH III FH IP III
                       Umsa vom Bungalow SchH III FH
                                   Pali vom Bungalow SchH III FH
         Hydra vom Jacobiner Schloss SchH III FH
                                   Grief zum Lahntal SchH III FH INT
                       Sagus vom Busecker Schloss SchH III FH IP III
                                   Vroni vom Busecker Schloss SchH II
             Yasmina vom Petze SchH III IP III
                                   Axel vom Schloss SchH II
                       Gusti vom Petze SchH II
                                   Odi vom Petze SchH II 

An Otis Puppy
To see a Otis Puppy along with a photo of the pups hip x-rays click here.

This is a young dog from Otis that Ed is raising

Otis's father Minx vom Haus Wittfeld

Otis is a German Import, he is an outstanding dog. He is a very dark brown sable of substantial size (@ 90 pounds). He has a large head with big bones. His hips are "A" stamp Normal which is the highest hip rating that Germany gives.

Otis is a certified dual purpose narcotics patrol dog. For three years before coming to our kennel Otis worked as a patrol dog for a major city located 30 miles north of the Mexican border. He has literally found hundreds of pounds of narcotics and has been involved in the apprehension of many felony suspects. He was forced to bite approximatly 15 of these suspects that resisted arrest.

Otis has a pedigree to die for. His sire (Mink) was in the German Bundessieger. Many Mink sons have competed in the Bundessieger, (in fact Otis's full sister (Olive) finished 13th in the 1996 BSP) with the most well known being the dog that finished second in 1992 and 1993 (Lewis Matitescka). Mink is known for producing very, very hard working dogs and Otis certainly falls into this category.

In the November 1995 issue of the SV Zietung there was an article that listed several hundred stud dogs according to their hip production. Mink Haus Wittfeld (Otis's father) was the number one dog on that list. I am very proud of this fact. Otis will continue on in the footsteps of Natan Busecker Schloos Sch # OFA Excellent (my retired stud dog) and the Leerburg tradition of producing bloodlines with the best possibility of good hips in our off spring.

Hydra vom Jacobiner Schloss SchH III FH is Otis's mother. She goes to Umsa Bungalow and Sargus and Grief. You simply can not get any better than that for a working bloodline. When you combine these dogs to Mink you get a working dog that will not quit - which is exactly what Otis is.

My retired stud dog Natan Busecker Schloss is a Sargus grandson. I have a number of Natan daughters in my breeding program. The pedigrees of these females are excellent to go with Otis and his 3-4 line breeding on Grief. If you are a student of working bloodlines you will know that a line breeding on Grief is an excellent breeding for working dogs.

Otis has a very very outgoing temperament. He goes up to everyone and greets them without concern. He is not a dangerously sharp dog to be around, but he is an extremely hard dog in temperament. By that I mean he requires firm correction and tolerates it if it is justified. He does not tolerate any unfair corrections or any pressure from people that he is not strongly bonded to.

This is a dog that requires an experienced handler, he can easily become a handler aggressive dog if mistakes are made while working him. That is the reason he came to my kennel. His previous handler retired from the police department and the department did not want to put Otis with an inexperienced new handler.

Otis is going to become a real asset to my breeding program and my bloodline. He is the quality of stud dog that one looks for and can not find in Germany.

Here are the specs on my breeding history with Otis as of January, 2000. I have had 150 pups from him, 80 mlaes and 70 females. I have had 8 bad hips, 4 ears that did not stand, 2 bad elbows and 10 testicles that did not drop. I include this information so people new to the dog sports or new to purchasing a dog understand that when they purchase a puppy there are alwasy risks of potential problems. In this case, with Otis, these are very acceptable numbers for a German Shepherd stud dog. Especially when one considers that these number come from well over 20 breedings.

Sorry, I do not breed my stud dogs to outside bitches. There are two reason for this.

A Hanna-Otis Pup
A Hanna-Otis pup at 9 months old - owned by Jeff Platt

Testimonial on an Otis Pup:

Hi Ed;

Another Dana (Tine/Otis 10/97) rave. Saw the vet last week where she got her exam and the last of her shots. He was impressed the first time he saw her, though he didn't say much at the time. He's one of those quiet, non-commital guys you have to know for a while to have any idea what he thinks. But I have to tell you that on this last visit he couldn't praise her enough. And this from a vet who deals with lots of GSDs, many of which are working K-9s, schutzhund, etc. dogs. When we took Dana in to his office the first time we mentioned we'd gotten Dana with the idea of breeding our own dogs since we couldn't seem to find what we wanted locally. I was really impressed and proud - though the credit is rightfully yours - when he said, "By the way, if you do breed I may be interested in one of her puppies". Whether he eventually does or not, coming from him I think that's one of the finest compliments Dana could get.

Dana will be six month old in a couple weeks and is one beautiful pup - 42 pounds of absolute first rate shepherd in all respects. And now that she's had all her shots she'll be going to more places and meeting more people. And she does show off!! Now we can also begin our serious training.

"James A. Carr"

Otis & Jeff

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