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Q&A on Feeding a Raw Diet
What kind of equipment do I need to grind RMBs?
I want to feed a raw diet but whole bones scare me! Can I grind them up before feeding?
Are there parasites in raw meat?
What kinds of meat can I feed my dogs?
What about vegetables?
What are digestive enzymes?
What are probiotics?
What is ACV?
How often do you use supplements? The label says to give it every day.
What about Grains? I read that you don’t feed them to your dogs . Why not?
I have small kids and I am worried about Salmonella and E-Coli!
I’m Not Sure I Am Ready To Switch To Raw, But I Don’t Want To Feed Kibble. Do you have any suggestions?
How much do I feed?
How Do I Know Each Meal Is Balanced?
What Do You Feed Your Dogs? Can You Send Me Some Menu Plans?
It seems too complicated to feed a raw diet, I don’t have any free time to spend on this. How much time does it take each day to prepare the food?
I read somewhere on the internet that feeding a raw diet reduces vet bills? How does that work?
I have heard that raw is much more expensive than kibble, how much will it cost me to feed my dog this way?
What Should I Expect At First?
How Do I Make The Switch?

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