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Q&A on Puppy Training
The pup I'm getting is the only pup in the litter. Will this pup have some set backs? Should I have any socialization concerns when I bring him home?
Soon I will be purchasing an 8 week Doberman Pincher. How and what do I do if this puppy displays aggressive behavior?
I was hoping to speak with you regarding what videos you recommend for training my 3.5 month old imported GSD.
You mention not to interact with a puppy unless he is outside and at least 4-5 months. We play with the puppy inside so the kids can get used to him. Should I stop this?
Our yellow lab loves to take your hand and wrist in his mouth and bites down and wants to lick you. Is this teething? How do we stop this?
I plan on getting a puppy in the next few months and have been searching the web for training DVDs. Which ones do you think are appropriate for me?
I have a few questions about my pup and being mouthy, pulling and integrating him with our older dog.
I have multiple questions about my pup regarding collars, play time, and other time we spend together.
Do puppies remember their litter mates?
We brought our 4-month old home with both ears just fine but her left ear has flopped two days ago. Should we tape it?
I have a lot of questions regarding socializing. What do you suggest?
We have a 3.5 month old pup and are having a couple problems. He refuses to eat. Secondly and always spills his water in his crates rolls in it. Suggestions?
Is there a proper way to introduce a dog to the swimming pool? Any suggestions or do some dogs just not like to swim?
What are our options for socializing our puppy? Do you feel that this level of socialization is unnecessary or is there another way you recommend going about this?
Have you ever seen a dog that is afraid of traffic grow up to become a brave, confident companion? How have you dealt with similar problems?
I have a pup who is being crate trained. He screamed for a few days. Now he is quiet intermittently. At what point do I start interacting with him?
Our new rescue dog growls when we pet it while its eating. What should we do?
I have a nine week old puppy that constantly whines. Is this an indication of how he is going to be as an adult? Please advise.
Since going on vacation and messing up my pups routine, he has been behaving very poorly. How do I fix this?
My 8 week old pup is dog aggressive, what should I do?

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