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Q&A on Protection Training - Adult Dogs
My young adult dog is targeting the end of the hard sleeve where the jute has no area of hard casing under it. Is there a way to soften a hard sleeve?
Do you have a video specifically for the job of the handler in protection training?
I want a dog to protect me because I'm going to become homeless. What can I do to make a dog aggressive towards people?
I trained my dog to be a personal protection dog. He has bit 6 of my friends. What should I do? I don't want to put him down.
Do you consider the Bouvier Des Flanders a breed for personal protection?
My family and I are looking at getting a German Shepherd. We want to do protection training, but have small children. What would you recommend for a beginner? An older dog or a puppy?
We want our dog to bark at cars and people coming to our yard. She barks at the night critters but never people or cars. Is there a way to make her more aggressive towards strange people and cars? Or is it too late? If we get a new puppy, how can we develop this trait?
My working dog has started to typewrite on the arm, and has since develop dirty biting techniques because of previous poorly trained agitators. Any suggestions on how to re-train her to bite the sleeve correctly and hold?
Do you think you will ever make a DVD that helps you introduce the 'Ellis Method' to an already trained adult dog?
Does all that training train into aggression when being an adult? I mean, does the dog learn with the target for personal protection as a threat not just a sleeve overtime?
My dog goes in very fast during bitework and will pull hard as long as the handler is pulling on the leash. When the pressure is off, she loses interest. Help?
I'm trying to teach my new dog to bark at the door bell, strangers, and knocking but can't seem to get it right. Can you recommend some DVDs or articles?
I recently purchased a 4 month old Dobe. I want him trained to protect me and my business at night. Do you do this kind of training?
How can I get my 3 year old Pit Bull to protect my yard if I am not home? I do not have a helper.
Do you recommned anybody to train my dog in Protection?
Can I buy a trained dog in personal protection. I am leaving in the guards and need something for my family?
Is it possible to have a dog loose in the store for protection and still have a dog that is safe with customers?
Can you tell me what I should be doing with my 1 year old Dobe to help bring out his defense drive?
I had 2 trainers test my dog. They want to take my dog for 3 to 4 weeks for training in their kennel. Should I do this?
Our dog showed aggression on the first session of training but when we tried the training near our house he did not seem to be very interested. Thoughts?


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