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Q&A on Schutzhund
Should I wear sun glasses when I train?
My dog is aggressive to dog he meets. He does well in the drive work. Can he do Schutzhund work is he is afraid of other dogs?
Since the day I got my 1-yr-old GSD, I have been preparing him for Schutzhund. However, I have an OUT problem right now.
The Schutzhund club I train in does not allow me to train my dog while she is in season. I think that dogs should learn to work all the time. Do you agree?
I am concerned about some of the people that I train with having Sch 3 dogs that cannot take a normal stick hit. What is the sport coming to?
I just inherited a 17 month old female. I have taken her to 4 SchH training sessions and she is doing great but is having problems on the blind search. Any ideas to help this?
You seem to discourage people with breeds other than GSD’s from the sport Schutzhund?
My 8 month old Malinois used to have a full grip with no problems with the stick. Now when I get it out her grip goes to heck. What can I do?
I have a puppy who seems to be a soft pup, can it do Schutzhund work?
I rarely see breeds other than german shepherds in Schutzhund. Do you think my standard poodle could get involved in the sport? It has an excellent nose and does very good obedience.
I just attended a SchH trial where a competitor would not show his dogs unless his own helper did the bite work. Is this cheating?
What training should I concentrate on for the first year of my dog’s life to get him ready for Schutzhund?
Can you tell me about the Czech Republic’s dog sport called ZVV? I see this title on dogs imported from the Czech Republic.
I have a male GSD with impeccable working bloodlines. How much do you charge to take the dog, when appropriate, through the three levels of Schutzhund training?
We have heard stories about drug use by Schutzhund competitors. What is your opinion on this subject?
I have heard about Schutzhund. Can you tell me more about it?
We are interested in Schutzhund. Can you tell us where to go in our area?
Can you tell us how to pick a good Schutzhund club? We have several to choose from.
Do I have to quit Schutzhund because my dogs hips are bad?


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