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RCMP Building Searches Certification


1. Dog Handlers working with a Police Service Dog search buildings for persons and weapons.

2. These sessions will prepare the student teams to search buildings for persons and weapons. The performance exercises will be conducted in lighted areas and in darkness. The instructor should vary the performance exercises from one type of building to another in order to give the student team a variety in types of buildings that will prepare them for operational duties.

3. The lecture, developmental discussion with demonstration/performance methods of instruction will b used and will cover:

(a) Buildings

functional warehouses
retail outlets

(b) Weapons

revolver rifle
shotgun other

(c) Equipment

collar leash -long line
police radio

(d) Quartering

dividing the area to be searched
patterning - systematic
proper use of wind and air currents

(e) Progression

conditioning of the P.S. Dog
promoting endurance

3. (f) Communication

commands ("SEARCH", "BACK")
voice - tones - inflection
movement of handler
using of hand
praising on indication
line work

(g) Reading the dog

observing the dog
interpreting the dog's actions

(h) Inducements

role play
time between finds
freshly fired
not recently fired

(i) Common problems/corrections

controlling the P.S. Dog
too far
not far enough
dog out of sight
dog lacking interest
chasing the dog all over the building

(j) Handler problems/corrections

not anticipating the P.S. Dog's.actions
not reacting to the P.S. Dog
not motivating the P.S. Dog
lack of enthusiasm
not making proper corrections
not being mentally alert
misinterpretation of dog's interest as an indication
improper leash work
continual talking to the dog

3. (k) Safety - Man and Dog

building entry
using cover

4. At the end of Level II, each candidate will be able to:

(A) Working with the P.S. dog off/on leash, search an unoccupied warehouse (approximately 100 meters square) and locate, in 30 minutes, a concealed person.

The search will include:

(1) Person concealed 15 minutes prior to the search

(2) Maximum of 3 meters above floor level

(B) Working with the P.S. dog off/on leash, search an area of a building (approximately 25 meters square) and locate, in 20 minutes, a concealed firearm.

The search will include:

(1) Firearm not recently fired

(2) Firearm concealed at least 30 minutes prior to search

(3) Maximum 1 1/2 meters above floor level

5. Cross References:

Legal Authority
Continued Training
Criminal Apprehension

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