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RCMP Outdoor Searches Certification


1. Dog Handlers working with a Police Service Dog search outdoors for persons, evidence and articles.

2. These sessions will prepare the student teams to search outdoors efficiently during daylight and darkness. Searches may be conducted during all seasons of the year and all weather conditions.

The instructor will note the use of the long line. This restraint is used for control purposes.

3. The lecture, developmental discussion with demonstration/ performance methods of instruction will be used and will cover:

(a) Police Objectives

locating criminals
locating missing persons
locating evidence
assistance to general public
lost wallets, etc.

(b) Equipment

collar (type-choke-leather) long line articles
illuminating device
snow shoes
dog boots
ruck sack
police radio

(c) Quartering

dividing area
pattern and ranging
use of wind and air currents use of terrain
placement of objects diagram
conditioning of the dog

(d) Communication

commands ("SEARCH", "BACK ")
movement of handler
use of hand
praising on indication -line work

(e) Reading the dog

human scent
scent of gun powder
animal scent

(f) Inducements

role playing
human scent
gun powder (revolver or rifle) -size (small, medium, large)
time element between finds

(g) Common problems/corrections

control of P.S. Dog
not far enough
too far
dog out of sight
dog's lack of interest
handler's lack of anticipation
handler's lack of reaction to dog
handler's lack of motivating the dog
handler not giving proper correction
handler's lack of mental awareness
handler misinterpreting dog's interest as an indication
handler's poor line work
handler's lack of enthusiasm
weather conditions

3. (h) Distractions

animal scent on ground

4. At the end of Level II, each candidate will be able to:

(A) Working with the P.S. dog off leash, searching a bush and open area (approximately 500 meters square) and locating in 20 minutes a concealed person.

The search will include:

(1) Pattern and proper use of wind

(B) Working with the P.S. dog off/on leash search a suburban area (approximately 100 meters square) and locate in 20 minutes two medium size/concealed articles of clothing (unwashed).

The search will include:

(1) Pattern and proper use of wind

(2) Articles concealed approximately 24 hours prior to commencement of search

(C) Working with the P.S. dog on leash, search a roadside ditch (approximately 1 KM long, 15 KM wide) and locate in one hour two freshly fired revolvers thrown from a vehicle into natural concealment.

The search will include:

(1) Pattern and proper use of wind

(2) Moderately traveled highway

(3) Moderate vegetation in ditch

5. Cross References:

Continued Training


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